Just got back from the dyno

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  1. Im happy with the numbers. 13 degrees of timing, 9 psi, 2.2 KB. Dynojet


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  2. Nicely done sir!
  3. What other mods do you have?
  4. jlt cai, o/r prochamber, and Flowmasters welded in the stock cat back. The engine is stock.
  5. SWEET! My 02 gt conv is bone stock with a k&n drop in with a kenne bell 2.1 9 psi intercooled kit on it with their tune on it. My numbers were 358 409 but I had a 3 1/8" pulley on it at the time making 10. 8 lbs of boost. It's got the 3 1/4" one that comes with the kit on it now but I was getting real low number on dyno at time as the motor revs up. It seemed to be belt slippage. It made 347 377 at 8.2 lbs of boost. Your number are higher but maybe the 2.2 is more effecient. Is yours a 5 speed? I have an auto running 9.8 lbs now.