Just got home from the track, I have good and bad news...

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  1. Sorry to hear that paul. Almost getting into the 11s and breaking something. I'd be doing this ---> :bang:
  2. Hey buddy, glad to see your taking the initiative to jump on the car so quickly, as when I work on my car I just take my good ol' time. Awesome vid. and it looks like your getting some good rise out of the front end. Good luck w/ everything. :nice:
  3. wow man that sucks, but why did you saw this was going to be the last time on the drag strip? i dont get it
  4. Sorry to hear of the bad new Paul. I think I want to see you hit 11's more than you do. I've always been right there rootin for you. I know you have the ability to get it. Hopefully its something small and you can get it back together and get that 11 sec slip. I loved in the vid how your wife signs because she sees how close you got. Its classic. You got a great woman there that can vid you at the track and have just as much emotion as you do. Thats great.

    To Green.... He meant he was hoping to hit 11's so he could retire the car as a drag car. Thats his plan once he hits 11's is to stop drag racing the car.

  5. Hey guys, thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I ripped the intake and VC's off tonight and didn't see anything that was obviously wrong which scares me a little. I will do a compression test tomorrow and go from there. The only thing I did notice was that there was a lot of raw fuel around the #4 and #8 runners where the upper and lower inatke meet which has me a bit puzzled. I pulled the #4 spark plug and it too was drenched with fuel. I know I wa running rich as I never changed the tune AT ALL from when I ran in November and the thing was very rich up top in the cooler fall air. I had my laptop with me but the battery went dead before I could make any chages with my eec tuner. Anyway, to make matters worse, I HAD MY 11 SECOND RUN ON SATURDAY! Look at the 60' and 330' times on the last two runs compared to my 12.03 run. I missed 4th on both of those runs. :bang: I shift from 3rd to 4th right before the first 1/8th mile markers, so I only have the 60' and 330' to go by, but since I was already ahead of the 12.03's 60' and 330' I know they would both more than likely have been 11 second passes.

    Here's all my runs from saturday. I was good on the lights and I was pretty consistent concidering I had a 100% new suspension that I was trying out. Needless to say it works as i went from a best ever 1.65 60' to a 1.62 60'.

    The tires were my 5yr old 26X10.5X16 ET streets with 16.5lbs of air in them mounted on stock 16" waffle wheels.

    60'.......1.761 (I bogged big time off the line!)

    Run #2

    Run #3
    1/4......12.030 SO CLOSE!!!

    Run #4 (This was it, this was my 11 second run, look at the 60' and 330' compared to the above 12.03 run. I freaking had it but I missed 4th gear!)

    Run #5 (This is where I hurt the car... I missed 4th again and forced it into gear, only it was 2nd and not 4th. I can't believe I did something this stupid!)
  6. BTW- thanks Mike for hosting the video!!!

    I may try and make a "compilation" video of all my runs together as some of them look awesome.
  7. Sorry to hear about the missed shift and possible damage. I just watched the vid and I have to say damn your car is badass!
  8. I was there, but didn't see Paul's runs. AFter looking at those slips, He was definatley on his 11 second pass on the last 2 runs. I know he'll get there, even though in my eye's he's already there.

    :nice: Killer.

  9. yeah i missed them too it was good meeting gm killer i just wish i could have watched you make a pass i was off with charlie i know you will get there it just wasn't to be on last sat thats all. with those sixtys you will run 11's soon it just sucks that track is so far for us .
  10. Same here Troy, It was great meeting you and I love your car. Hit me up when you want a vortech belt tensioner. [email protected]
  11. GMkillr...send me a pic of that thing.

    Paul, Dont mean to be "uncaring" by not replying sooner, but just read this now. I feel badly that I cant lend a helping hand b/c I know so little compared to you, so all I can do is keep you in my daily Mustang Prayers.. (when I pray for my Vortech repair to be under $500.)


  12. I dont have any pics yet but it is an exact copy of the ones that some manafacture's sell for anywhere between $55-$95. Which ill be making mine alot cheaper. Sorry to hijack your thread Paul!! :shrug:
    Email me for more info and pricing [email protected]

    Btw, Paul, any updates as of yet?? I called you this morning and left you a message. Good luck buddy! :nice:
  13. i like how ur wife gasps when she sees it's not in the 11s

    hope you get that thing back on the track

    missing 4th twice? something wrong with the shifter/tranny? or just plain bad luck
  14. Paul and I are a lot a like.

    1. We're both in medical-type fields

    2. He set the bar....I go to the bar.

    3. His wife gasps when he's not in THE 11's
    My wife gasps when Im not in BY 11.

    Just tryin' to cheer you up!
  15. That sucks. I would really take those heads off and look at what is going on. Get some new headgaskets and redo it. Better safe than sorry. Did you drive it home after the motor problem or did you trailer it?

    What kind of noise was the car making? How could you tell you blew something other than the performance? If you bent an intake rod the gas would be let in but no air would be let in causing not all the fuel to burn. That is one of the many possibilities.