Mach 1 Just got my 04 Mach!!!!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Silverbull271, May 17, 2004.

  1. Just got my 04 Screaming yellow Mach!!!!!!!!

    Absolutely LOVE it!!

    This is my 4th Stang and by far the previous was a 03GT coupe (silver)

    Guess now i have to change my name to the yellowbull271

    This car makes the GT feel like a V6....BEST car ever...clutch is more sloppy ass shifts like the GT....its getting late and i have work early tomorrow...all i wanna do is drive into the nite...ALL nite!

    If you can get a MACH GET it...dont wait for an 05...this car has something about it that other stangs never had and never will!

    MACH 1 -------ALL the way!

  2. Congrats on gettin the car. Just like I said before, I love my Mach, its just drives awsome, and the yellow is so flashy. Hey, how can you complain about 330HP, I just can't wait to get my Magnaflow X and Packs on there, with that combo some Machs have been Dynoed at 345-350Hp, its a great car for the money, and the incentives are awsome. I hope I was of some insperation in your purchase, have fun, be safe in you new stang :banana:
  3. Congrats - hope to see you on the Mach 1 Registry!
  4. Awesom color choice with the black stripes the new yellow and the comp orange look :nice: