Just got my 2011 GT Premium

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  1. someone help me uploading pics. i can only get one pic uploaded..sigh
  2. Nice 5.0 Does it have 3.73's?
  3. Thanks,
    No i got 3.31. does it make a huge difference? i just heard it will take more gas but will go faster in the drag race or something.
  4. I think it makes a pretty noticeable difference...the car will pull quite a bit harder with 3.73 vs 3.31. Enjoy your car, I like it. :nice:
  5. you lucky dog, i drove one a couple of days ago, those things just haul butt, i drove 1 with the auto. and 315 gears, i got on it at 70 mph and it pinned us in the seat, just like off the line accelration, very pleased. now got to sell my 86gt. 1st. the 1 we drove sold today, they are a hot item now. some dealers up here by seattle , the prices are from a low 29,000 to up to 42,000. the 1 we drove was pretty loaded, around 35,000. have fun with yours. ill get one very soon i hope.
  6. Bad ass car bro love the color and the 5.0 on the side looks killer. Have lots of fun with it :nice:
  7. Welcome and plenty of patience here!
  8. :drool: grabber blue ftw
  9. Welcome to the forum! Beautiful car, now go out and molest it with aftermarket parts! :D
  10. Nice!!! Good job, way better than an M3. lol
  11. Love that color!

    You've already done 1/2 the work to post the pics. Once you copy the URL hit- [​IMG] and paste it in there.
    eg: [​IMG]
  12. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! I want one just like that!!!