Mach 1 Just got my mach. NICE.

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 00VERT GT, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Or they look at a Cobra and go hmmm a Mustang with a different front bumper since the V6s came with Cobra hoods. :rlaugh: Pathetic. :rolleyes:
  2. Some people are so bitter times have past them by...You made a great choice. In the SVT poll I saw in the Mach section even the 03/04 Cobra owners selected the Mach over thier older cousins. If street racing or 1/4 miles your game you got the right car and by far the best looking mustang yet IMO. :flag:
  3. Hmmm, so do mach's, look like a v6 with a hood scoop. Pathetic, uh sure, likewise :rolleyes:
  4. A Cobra is still a Cobra, why didn't you get one?

    Cobra :spot:
  5. Some people want Machs, some want Cobras. Who really cares. It's still a Stang. And you can find an auto Mach. I don't think, and this is a guess on my part, that you can get an auto Cobra.

    If you have a screwed up right hand like I do, that is important.
  6. For morons that keep stumbling into this forum, this is the MACH 1 Forum. We specifically talk about the MACH 1 in this section. If you don't have any positive or useful info. about our specific vehicles, then keep your friggin' noses out of here. :nonono:
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    Bah nevermind, it's useless.

    Anyway back on do you like your MACh1 so far? :banana:
  8. When i drove a mach, it felt much better than my car when stock, but now my car has an equal feel to it. Thats both auto/manual machs, but the manual did feel stronger.

  9. I was looking at a 2001 cobra. But they are older, don't look much different than the 12341234 mustangs allready out there and the Mach has a newer engine that is better than the older cobras. It was my speedshop that really got on me for thinking about getting a older cobra over the Mach...they said why the **** would i buy older technology when for the same price you can have newer and faster. Seemed pretty simple to me so i chose the mach. I know that their are die hard cobra fans out there and I completly understand their reasonings..hell if i could afford a 2003/04 cobra i would have jumped all over it.

    To each his own.

  10. I love it man. Just bought myself a MGW short throw. I have no problems with the stocker but everyone just keeps raving about this we'll see.

    How's your Mach holding up?
  11. Great except for a ticket I got on Monday lol. But she just seems to get stronger with every passing mile that I put on her ya know.