Just got my new 2012 v6

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  1. My name is Gabriel and I just got my new 2012 v6. I am looking for any information in the tuning department. I want to start from the ground up exhaust being the first part to upgrade. Hit me up with any info you guys may have.
  2. You won't find much in the way of exhaust that's going to give you great gains on the V6. The OEM exhaust system is pretty good at what it does.

    There are some tuning packages out that claim 20+ HP and go for a mint of cash.

    IMO, your money would be better spent and give you more performance by putting wheels, caster/camber plates, shocks, and a lowering kit onto the car.

    That's just me though...
  3. my first thought that comes to mind if you just bought this car and are already thinking about performance upgrades maybe you should of went with the 5.0, with that said welcome to the forum and enjoy the new ride
  4. I would start with our intake and tuner first. We've seen gains up to 20HP and 30 ft/lbs TQ. Let me know if I can help you get that.
  5. :D

  6. SteedaBrandon What would you suggest as far as intake and tuners are concerned?
  7. You REALLY want to make a dent? Spend the $6k on the positive displacement supercharger kit for your car. :nice:

    Comes with the tuner, inlet kit, and a host of other go fast goodies. At least you'll only have to spend that cash once.
  8. Our Steeda cold air intake and an SCT X3 tuner. Why our cold air intake? We make high-quality parts. Our parts are manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 standards, which is a quality inspection certification stating we consistently make high-quality parts. Our parts are also made in the USA (not like that cheap made-in-China junk that doesn't perform as well and isn't as durable). We also have a close relationship with Ford via their Technology Transfer Program.

    We provide tunes with our SCT tuners (a little known fact about Steeda). We offer some of the best (arguably the best) Mustang tuning in the country. These tunes that we write for whatever setup our customer may have, have been dyno-tested and proven. They are not per se a "canned tune."

    But don't just take my word for it, look at what the President of SCT himself said about our intakes:
    It's more than a claim. Here's one example. :nice:
  9. SteedaBrandon

    Oh no... I believe ya! No doubts in this camp. For that matter, I don't think I've ever had a reason to question Steeda on what they said they could produce. The only portion that I balk at is $40 per HP.

    A little rich for my blood. IMO it does make a little more sense on the 5oh but I think that works out to something like $27 per HP.

    THAT's why I think that money would better spent on a Steeda suspension kit vs. trying to eek 20 HP out of an already potent V6. :nice:
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  10. well I don't exactly have 6k to put down on a supercharger at the moment but I do like the idea of new suspension. The cold air intake seems like a must for me as well.
  11. also I heard a rumor that the driveshaft has to be replaced on the v6 when a supercharger is installed. Is there any truth to that?
  12. I don't know if you care, but you might want to look into how any mods impact your warranty before you do anything... In my two years as a Ford tech I had plenty of 4 digit bills go customer pay on Mustangs because of mods or on all kinds of random cars because of the customer screwing with things themselves.
  13. Yes
  14. HorsePower03 How do I install mods that are ok with my warranty? Will the dealer install aftermarket parts and still service my ride?
  15. I also heard the driveshaft breaks when driving in excess of 130MPH
  16. If you don't want to void your warranty I'd check with your dealer before you do much of anything. I've seen them voided for installing a CAI, I'm almost 100% sure a tuner should void it. A lot of tuners will say they have an option to return to stock tune, but with these new cars you can see that a tuner has been used as soon as you hook up the IDS whether you return to stock tune or not.