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  1. You may remember my last post, subs and budget...but now I have the sub in my hands now. (I'm getting tired of holding it) :eek: The box is on the way, I have a question pretaining to my amp, or lack-there-of. What should I get? Its a DVC at 2 ohm. Oh, the sub is a Kicker S12L7. Like I said, the box is on the way, but I need someone to lead me in the right direction on a amp.

    If it matters, the sub's ratings are 750 RMS and 1500 peak.
  2. The box is ported, and I want under $400 if at all possible. I don't know about the size or demensions, its on the order form, but I can't find it at the moment.
  3. i've come to find (at least w/ name brands) is that you're going to pay about a dollar a watt at 2 ohms. since your sub is DVC at 2 ohms, you can wire them in parallel to get a 1 ohm resistance, which is probably your best bet. if you can find a 1-ohm stable amp, then you are good to go. you'll probably want to go around the RMS range, or a little below if you want that sub to last a long time. diamond makes a few 1-ohm stable amp that my friends love.
  4. That used to be ol saying about 15 years ago,but since parts in amplifiers are now produced at cheaper prices and smaller sizes,there really is no "cost per watt" anymore. We had a special order competition 10,000 watt amp that sold for $2500 retail, so if that was the case,people still couldnt afford these high wattage systems.
  5. ^^^ this is true. but with smaller monoblock amps, i've found this to be the case some of the time. i.e. kicker, RF, etc. you know more than i do, so i'll leave it up to you.
  6. ive heard bad things about indoaudio.
  7. Kicker,Macintosh and RF do come close to that saying though :nice:
  8. I only use US amps search on ebay, its hard to find new ones for some reason :shrug: but they are like bullet proof, i have never personally seen one blow up i run mine at 1.3333ohms all day long w/ no issues.
  9. So who recomends what?

    I get that everyone is gonna be baised about which brand, because they run that brand, but what would work well if money is an issue, and I don't want the darn thing to blow up, nor harm the sub.

    ISK, I konw you have more good advice...you always do.
  10. S&B seems to like the US amps brand, and says that works for him. i dont know much about the "underground" (aka) brands, but you cant go wrong with rockford fosgate or kicker.
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  12. Since I do a lot of installs for broke ass people,I tend to steer them toward Performance Techinque,X-File,Tornado,they make some decent 1/2 channel and "D" class,if they have a little more money, DEI products.I care for the "brothers" brands(MA,Audiobunk,Swiss,Alphasonic etc). I have nothing against Kicker,RF,Memphis,I just think you can get the same results for less.
  13. O.K. so "X-File" is good, the sound shop that will prob. install it is a supplier for Soundstream and Kicker. I've heard from everyone that Soundstream amps are A+, they are extreamly under-rated, but then again, they are prob. gonna run A+ money.
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