Just got the hood from FedEx... Need your opinions on paint!

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How to paint the hood?

  1. All Gloss Black

    12 vote(s)
  2. Gloss Black with the Silver Metalflaked Hoodscoop

    4 vote(s)
  3. Other - Leave suggestions in a reply below

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  1. I recieved my Cobra RR SVO Hood from Age Classic Design in the mail today, and man I can't wait to get it installed! I'm having a few dilemmas as far as painting goes, though.

    For reference, here's a picture of the hood unpainted on a white car:


    My car is black. I'm torn between painting the whole hood black and installing it, or painting it all black and painting the scoop on top silver, with a little bit of metalflake in it.

    I think the all black would look nice and stealthy, but I think the silver metalflake would really accent the car nicely and grab more attention.

    What do you think? If you've got any other ideas, feel free to post them below. Thanks! :flag:

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  2. Match the rest of the car.
  3. i say ....paint white and leave the hood scoop black
  4. All black if you did anything to the scoop, do it in flat. :D

  5. all black, that thing will yell out "I WILL KILL YOU MOTHER F***ER!!!!!!"
  6. I do not think I would mix gloss black with a flat black scoop....just my opinion. Mixing in a little flake for the scoop could work, but there needs to be something else done to the car with the same flake to tie it all together. Just having the scoop done with some flake by itself may not work. You should probably leave the flat area in front of the air opening gloss black also. I would not get too bold with it, just keep it suttle and tasteful.
  7. Thanks for the opinions guys, keep em comin! ;)
  8. all black for sure. also all silver is metalic if it wasn't it'd be gray. sweet hood.
  9. Looks too much like a camaro ss hood. Sorry. :nonono:

  10. actually a SS hood looks like a SVO hood ;)
  11. that was my first impression then followed by mach 1 hood.

    A photoshop would help a lot tho... I might give it a try if I have time.
  12. sweet hood. go all black. when you add color to a black car it just takes away the mean factor (imo)
  13. Exactly!

    Those bastards copied us. :)

    I guess all black it is! :nice:
  14. I don't know leave it the way it is, I kind of like that www.abcexclusive.com decal on there, BADASS! :nice:

    :rlaugh: yeah that was lame

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  15. with that design I say all black. maybe photoshop it up diffent ways and see what you think
  16. ricers paint their hoods black to get dat carbon fiber look cuz its tizight
  17. oh **** sorry to raise this thing out of the dead i forgot for a minute i was looking at searched pages
  18. :lol: :lol: WORD!
  19. :rlaugh:

    I didn't even notice until you said it.
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