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  1. My dealer (that I have preordered 2 mustangs from and now the 05) called me up on Saturday to tell me that he got posters for the 05 in and if I want to come see them, he'll show me. Apparently, he's not allowed to hang them up until August 15th. Possibly the day pricing is announced as well?

    Anyway, I already ordered an 05 GT Vert and there was a sweet 04 Mystichrome Cobra Vert in the showroom. He told me they weren't moving. I asked him how much for it and he replied with, "Will you still keep the 05 order?" I have been dealing with this guy for 10 years so there is a great deal of trust so I told him, "Sure! I'll keep the 05... if the number on the Cobra is right." Long story short, I bought it for $33,000 green cold cash under the table. Wrote up the sales ticket for $30,000 to avoid some sales tax. What a great deal... what a great guy! I picked up the Cobra today and it's awesome... So now, I may sell my 99 GT Vert.... dunno yet... just had to share.
  2. Some people have too much frick'n money! They make me jealous :D
  3. ya no kidding, that's awesome for you, but jealousy-inducing for the rest of us
    But thanks for sharing :D
  4. :jaw: what else can i say!
  5. Ah a mystichrome '04 Cobra. :drool: You almost make me jeaoulus :p . Good Luck :nice:
  6. Well I just went to the Ford Dealership to pre-order my '05 GT and the salesman showed me a couple Cobras they had marked down but I couldn't decide between a coupe or this convertible so I ended up taking both. Since I couldn't drive my '02 GT and the two Cobras home at the same time I also bought a semi to put them in but then I realized that all 3, plus the future '05, wouldn't fit into my current garage so I decided to buy this house I drove past that had a large enough one. Then my boss smacked me across the back of the head and told me to wake up and get back to work...
  7. Well, don't be too jealous... I'll probably sell the Cobra when I get the 05. I figure I got such a good deal on it, and it'll be a weekend driver, I'll be able to get what I paid no prob. So, why not have a Cobra for the summer if it won't cost me anything?
  8. You don't have to believe me... that's fine. To answer your question as to why I would have 2 close-in-age verts is simply because I like 'em. In fact, I like lots of Fords and collect lots of Fords. None too old, mostly 90's, as I am not all that mechanically inclined.

    In terms of the sales tax, the 20k was a typo, it was 30k I paid the tax on. The tax issue was precisely why I paid in plain old cash. As for the gentleman I deal with; he's the owners son, Family owned and operated dealership for over 50 years. Been dealing with him for 10 years and have purchased dozens of vehicle from him; both for personal use and for my business.

    I didn't start this thread to boast or brag... to each his own; I'm sure many can afford many more Stangs than I. I simply started it because this is my first Cobra and was excited about it. I'll post pics of the Stangs soon.
  9. What's the name of the dealership?
  10. Since I publicly stated the sales tax thing, I would rather not say. But, you should be able to figure it out if you read carefully enough. ;-)
  11. Do you get a poster with your purhase? I would love to see a poster!
  12. Oh if it was a typ-o I can see that change $33-$30, prolly isn't enough for your state's DMV to throw the flag, the dealer can muddle that up in paperwork, but 33-20, thats where I departed..... It seems like you are on the up and up, and it looks like you are not going to have to wake up from mystichrome delight after-all huh :nice: Congrats..... now PICS! :D :drool:

    I'm going to bet, that you end up keeping that COBRA and ditching the 05 GT. I have a feeling you will become very attached to the ChromeSnake before you even see your GT. Besides It'd be hard to give up 400hp and return to 300. Atleast it would be for me.

    Anyways, Congrats and enjoy!, lucky bugger you ;) :flag:
    PS. Previous post removed.
  13. Yeah, sorry bout that typo. But I have some bad news. My new Cobra was dead in the driveway this morning. Turn the key, engine started to turn over and then all the gauge needles went to their max and stayed there. Engine just turns over, no spark. All the lights stayed on too. Airbag light, ABS, Service Engine; everything. Dealer said probably the computer is bad and they are coming to pick it up this afternoon. I am so super bummed I can't tell ya. Damn near cried.

    In terms of keeping the Cobra.. we'll have to see. Affordability wise I mean. That's why I said it made sense cause I know when the 05 comes in I'll get my money back on the 04 easy. I'm not one for notes, so I'd rather not finance the 05. And, since I have the 99 GT body, I think I'd rather have the 99 and 05, rather than the 04 and 05.

    I'll keep you all abreast of the repair.... :(
  14. Sorry, no poster. He only showed it to me. He said he's not allowed to hang it up yet. I guess they get all the marketing materials in advance. Poster was ok, nothing special. They used pics that are already out so nothing new to report.