Just Installed Flowmaster 40 In V6...Yee-Ha!

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by 120rir, May 10, 2005.

  1. Had a Flowmaster Series 40 Delta Flow installed yesterday in my V6 and what a difference...now THAT'S an American car sound! Definitely some increased interior noise but well worth it given the low rumble (but far from obnoxious) outside. It may have boosted the hp but I'm not certain; may just be my imagination and I'll give it a couple tanks of gas to see if mileage increases as some have suggested. Regardless, it's a very worthwile, relatively cheap mod. and one I'd recommend to any V6 owner.
  2. Sound Clip Please!!! I was thinking about either doing this or the MAC dual catback...
  3. Sound clip...Doh! I apologize but I'm afraid my computer skills are limited; just enough to get me into trouble. Regardless, anyone who puts a Flowmaster on their V6 will not regret it! What I did was go directly to the Flowmaster web site and they have sound clips that give you at least some idea of how it'll sound. Their clip of the Delta Flow on a V8 is pretty representative of what it'll sound like on your 6.
  4. Did you only replace the single muffler, or did you go dual? I plan on going dual with mine either way, and I wonder if that will effect it any. Does your exhaust sound like the 5.0 on Flowmaster's website???
  5. Can you post some pics of how it looks?
  6. All I did (or had done rather) was replace the single stock muffler with the Flowmaster 40 Series...nothing more. They had it in stock at Midas: I was in and out within an hour including the chrome exhaust pipe tip. As for tone, it sounds almost exactly like the clip for the 1990 5.0 on the Flowmaster web site! I'll take photos and post them later today or tomorrow...no big deal though..it simply looks like a muffler but with a chrome pipe tip.
  7. I just put the Magnaflow duals on my V6 there greeeaaat!
  8. Can you please post the particulars (model #, etc...)on the single muffler that yu had installed? I cant find a listing on the flowmaster website for an '05 V6
  9. Hey guys! This is my scenario currently..

    I have the FlowMasters in.. I have dual exhaust in my V6 2005.. I thought I should re-adjust the exhaust design to possibly gain alittle more power... I had both of my exhaust pipes run from both headers seperately.. Meaning they never cross paths.. Basically no X-Pipe..

    OMG!! What happend? 2 New problems... My low rumble and High RPM V8 sound is gone, and I also lost, it feels like 60HP... LOL!!! Guys what the hell happened?

    My question is, does the X-Pipe obviously offer a serious performance boost? It must... Can anyone explain exactly the science with the X-Pipe design? Also, why does my V6, really sound like a V6 now?..

    I will have to take it back, and get the X-Pipe re-installed again... But just need to know that I indeed make a mistake..
  10. As for the exact model number of the Flowmaster I had installed, I'm not sure but I do recall the guy at Midas saying that he called the company and was told whatever latest model they had for the Stangs fit in the 2005. Sho' nuff' it fit and it sounds great. Also, although I specifically asked for the "Delta Flow" Series 40 model based on the sound on Flowmaster's website, the Midas guy's experience was that there really wasn't much difference in sound between any of the Series 40 mufflers. So....as long as you have a place near you that does good muffler and exhaust work, it doesn't look like you could go wrong by simply having any one of the Series 40 mufflers originally designed for the 03 or 04 installed.
  11. I think something needs to be explained here..

    My original exhaust work did not consist of an X-PIPE..

    By default, the 2005 V6 does not have an X-PIPE..

    Mine will now get a real X-PIPE installed.. Mine had the original merge between the PIPES leftover from the single exhaust setup...

    So now that I have found the importance of the X-PIPE design, my car will sound better than before, and should put out more torque and horsepower..

    This information is for those that wish for dual exhaust, but do not want to buy the $500 X-PIPE pre-fabbed kit..

    Most shops with good welders can make and install the setup for alot less than the pre-fabbed type...

  12. you probably lost some low end torque. an X or an H pipe might help stabilize the backpressure. don't think of it as a performance boost as much as getting some of your torque back. also i hope you didn't upgrade the size of your pipe, no need to go bigger when you go from single to dual. when i got duals on my '00 sixer i had them do a custom H pipe, basically they just welded a short piece of pipe between the two main pipes. that seemed to do the trick, didn't seem like i lost any torque and the car had a little more top end kick. just my experience. either way don't expect any huge performance gains, maybe a couple horsies here or there, just have fun making it sound like a kickass v6.