Just installed MGW!!!

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  1. Hey guys,

    So I spent my Saturday installing my MGW. What a good day!! It took me a couple of hours (changing the tranny fluid too). Wow, what can I say, the difference is unbelievable. I just wanted to make sure that everything I am feeling is normal.. It feels a little "notchy" compared to stock, but goes into every gear just fine. I hear that the shifter will have a "break in" time, and then it might actually get easier to shift (or maybe I will just get used to it). Anyways, I'm very satisfied with the shifter so far, just need to get used to it :D . Also installed the Cobra 5spd black leather shift knob..very cool!:nice:
  2. I have steeda tri-x and when I first got it in I was like **** this thing is hard to shift but now it's been 2 years and it;s softer now or I just got used to it. Before I used to miss shift 3rd gear bad but now in 2 years maby I missed 3-4 time so enjoy your new shifter.
  3. It might feel a little notchy since a lot of the stock rubber has been taken out but its all for the good....plus the 3650 is notchy at times as well so I blame that more than the damn shifter.
    As soon as I out my tri-ax on it was weird at first since the gears were so close together...but where we put it on there is an open bridge that goes for about a mile....yea long story short I took it for a little "test drive" over that empty bridge and ripped through the gears....awesome feeling the car felt so much different and I didnt miss 2-3 either time...thats the best part 2-3 is so nice now...no longer does it feel like im shifting in a bowl of jello:banana:
    It did take me a few days to get used to the gears being so close but now its like natural and I like it
  4. Mine felt the same way the first few days after I put my MGW in. I actually didnt like it, haha. But once it broke in it is a lot smoother and clicks right into gear. Wouldnt drive another Mustang without it.