Mach 1 Just installed Pypes catback on my Mach

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by muscletangracer, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Was going to get the Borla Stinger from RPM Outlet but it was on back order and the sales rep. recommended the Pypes setup. He said the quality was great and had a really nice sound. Well I am glad I listened to his suggestion! The system is polished stainless and looks beautiful! Install went pretty easy considering it was done laying on my back on the garage floor. I am very happy with the sound as well. Not obnoxiously loud and no drone at cruise speeds like Flowmasters. Has a nice roar pulling through the gears and highway speeds (70-75 mph with 4.30 gears) sound really good. Price was under $400 shipped too. The only little issues are I kind of liked the rolled tips of the stok exhaust a bit better and I may opt to have the connections welded as I am not too sure if i like the clamps long term.
  2. Do you have an aftermarket midpipe? If you don't, that's where the loudness will kick in. Enjoy the new sound. :nice: