Just installed SpinTech Side Exhaust w/ Cobra-R tip

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  1. Hi, I'm new to this board and this is my first thread. I though I would post some pics of my stang. I just finished installing Single Exit Side Exhaust yesterday. This sounds pretty good for using the stock Y-pipe and I feel like I picked up a good 5-8 horses. It was back-in-your seat power but it was noticed. My page is www.sounddomain.com/id/bluewaterdemon
    I'm going to get a Saleen Front bumper (Ditching the fog lights) and Shinoda Spoiler, and a set of wheels to finish the exterior look.

    Alot of these pictures are before the new exhaust, too cold to get any good pictures.
    I have a whole bunch of other things waiting to install also
  2. Someone stole your horse....
  3. good lookin' exhuast. so you've only got it on one side though? i'd definatly make it duals dude.
  4. I would do dual exits, but on a stock 95 it would just take away low-end torque with duals. The pipe is about 2.5 inches I think so its pretty good flow. All I know is it added some power and looks better. You can only see one side at a time so ehh. Duals would add weight. Thanks for the suggestion though. This setup is fine with me right now.
  5. surely at this point you aren't really worried about loosing low-end torque on a v6 are you? in case you haven't noticed the v6 mustang isn't a terrible speed machine anyway. Granted, performance needs to be considered, but i'd make sure she looks good.
  6. Well I'll try and buy a right side exit also when I get the money. Hopefully I can just buy the right muffler and a piece that connects the two mufflers to the Y-pipe, I'm sure SpinTech sells something along those lines though.
  7. Get some oem fog lights :nice:
  8. Yea, I hate my fogs...I'm just completly ditching fog lights and buying a Saleen Front Bumper and Shinoda Wing at the same time. About the single side exhaust, I dont think it looks too odd. Consider this...It would look odd if you had a cat-back that exited out of the rear and only one Tail pipe on the left side coming straight out but nothing on the right side. Now if you have a single exit side, you can only see one side at a time. If you look at the right side of my car it just looks normal, then when you look at the left you see side exhaust. It doesnt look too bad right now, but I will upgrade to a right side when I get the money.
  9. You could always just get a shop to split your exhaust after it comes from the engine so its left in a Y pipe formation but then branches into duals. That way you have duals but dont lose low end power.
  10. hey man looks good. im planning on getting the dual side exit kit very soon(i would have it but had to buy x-mas stuff). i was just wondering how did u get the cobra r tip it looks alot better than the normal spintech one. did they charge you extra for it. and did u order it straight from spintech.

  11. I ordered straight from SpinTech, whole system for $260 shipped. The Cobra-R tips are extra, not much though, I think like $20-30 more per tip.
  12. looks good :nice:
    what about some rims?
  13. Whats with the tri leg spoiler? Ive only seen that on one other stang and wondered then.