Just installed Tweecer

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  1. On cal-edit i have to put it on CBAZA, and 1 bank right? Then i can start tweaking?
  2. I thought it was 4TM0. But i cant find that one
  3. Yes, you want to use the CBAZA strategy. T4MO is the calibration for the GT and J4J1 is the calibration for the cobra. If you have a GT then u should have the T4MO calibration loaded on there...all u have to do is select CBAZA instead of the default A9L setting...then ur done.

    I'm still new to the tweecing world so I'm sure someone else will chime in and correct me/add on

    good luck
  4. CBAZA is the family of processors strat. t4m0, j4j1, zao, and the w one are all the members of the family.

    Think of it like this

    CBAZA = family

    t4m0 = brother

    j4j1 = other brother

    zao = wierd uncle
  5. serioulsly im i lost!!!! How do i make calcon read my car. What the hell do i start at. I guess i read so much bs, I'm like in another world right now!!!!! Im lost dont know what the hell to do. Do i put Four 2 bank?? Then what? I was reading to click the folder on the cal-edit, and the instroctions have lots of selections and i only have 3? AAAAAGGGGHHHHH
  6. hmmm....never thought about it like that very good explanation
  7. Thanks. So theres no t4m0 selection on cal-edit is there?
  8. under the the ABOUT scroll down it will show your computer and what stratagy you have to use its that simple.
  9. i figured that out now whats next. I read the intructions. I just dont get them i need to sleep and get realxed again
  10. I'm assuming ur using 1.30A, right?

    First thing's first. Did u install the driver correctly? To check this plug the tweecer into ur laptop using the USB cable. Then turn ur key to the ACC...that's key on, engine off. The tweecer should show up on ur computer.
  11. ok let go check

    edit... nothing poped up. And i waiting a good minute after it was on the "on" position.

    edit and yes its the 1.30
  12. it should do it instantly. Are u using windows XP?
  13. yeah, so its not installed right?
  14. hmm..when u turn the key on for ur car it should make a noise (signifying that a device was found.)

    Alright, did u download the Borland database thingy? If you're using the CD that came with the tweecer then I'm assuming its on there (I didn't use the cd that came with the tweecer).

    Next thing. Right click on "my computer" and go to properties. Then choose "hardware" and click on "device manager"

    go down to the bottom of the list to "USB"...u should see a yellow circle or a question mark..can't remember which one it is. It will say tweecer next to it. double click on that and find something that says install driver or update driver...something along those lines.

    After it'll ask you if you want "a specific place to be searched." click on that and browse to "C drive, program files, stkr, then click on drivers and then click the "next" button

    after that u should be good
  15. sry, that may be a tad confusing, lol. It took me a minute to figure everything out myself. There may be another way to do it..this is just the way that I did it and it happened to work for me
  16. whats suppose to pop up? I know when i pulg in the Tweecer you hear a little sound on the laptop...

    And your intructions you gave me i already did all that when i first installed it
  17. ok, when I said somethings supposed to pop up I meant that a little bubble pops up at the bottom right of the screen.

    Ok, if you have it installed correctly then click on the "read ford eec" button in cal-edit. It's the blue oval and that will read ur cars computer. If it reads it then ur good to go. Look down at the bottom by the bank count right above the "update now" checkbox. It should say "complete" across it
  18. I'm just going through somewhat of a checklist. As far as the "bank count" goes I have mine set to 1 and it works for me....hopefully someone else will chime in on that one.

    Oh yeah, whenever ur trying to do anything with the tweecer make sure the car is key on, engine off to make sure the tweecer is getting power.
  19. when i clicked the read eec(Ford Logo) i think it read everything at zero. ill double check that
  20. Hi Guero, i just think that maybe your problem is that you "maybe" installed the tweecer on the J3 port without cleaning it , if you didnt cleaned the port then the tweecer its not in "contact" with your EEC, just a thought. Hope you solve this , since i am about to experiment the tweecer in a few days Hope so... :nice: