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  1. Hey everybody...ya'll don't have a new member's forum here so i thought i'd do it here. i've had my '95 GT vert for about 2 months and it's still bone stock and will be for a while due to a serious lack of money. i got EXTREMELY lucky in finding my car for a great price and i'm so thrilled to be part of the mustang group. i'm 17, i live in NC for the summer, GA the rest of the year. Most people around here are more into imports so i'm really on here for good advice and friends with similar tastes. i look forward to meeting all of you!
  2. Welcome to the boards. I'm pretty new here as well but have learned that the guys on here are always willing to help. The boards should be a good tool to use for information and guidance especially since most people near you are into imports so there might not be a plethora of knowledge available locally.
  3. Sup Ariel, welcome to the board. You will get to know a lot of us here pretty well since we have such a small corner of stangnet. We need come pics tho, its tradition that all the newbies post pics of there cars (and you too :D ).

  4. http://www.fuel****.net/forum/images/smiles/nopics.gif

    welcome to the boards
  5. Yes welcome. You will like it here, alot of great guys..
  6. welcome, you will find a bunch of opinions here........ oh yeah some very useful information too.

    enjoy your stay, stangnet rules

  7. welcome!

    i have a 95 vert gt too! what color is yours? mine's triple black ... i got it almost 3 months ago ...
  8. Welcome to the boards! Some of the best guys I've ever met are here on StangNet.
  9. welcome. so, 17 aye......i likey :D post up some pics, and while you are at it, go ahead and post some of the car too :rolleyes:
  10. Hi, welcome to the boards. I'm in NC myself, though I'm up here in the mountains. My hometown (Salisbury) is only about 30 minutes away from Charlotte, though. Glad to have you aboard and congrats on the purchase!
  11. Welcome, Ariel. :nice:
    StangNet: Come for the tech, stay for the drama. :banana:

    *Edit, 400th post. I'm a "street master" now. :cool: Does that mean I have to race people in the street now? :rolleyes: :flag:
  12. welcome to the 94-95 forums :nice: this is the best place ever!

    :::big stangnet group hug::: WOOT!!!

    lets see some pics of the ride....

    ...and let the mods begin!!!
    Street Master...thats weak...im a "Super Stallion" :spot:

  13. Welcome to stangnet and congratulations on your purchase. If you could get some pics of your car, that would be cool.

    There is a lot of nice, helpful people on stangnet. I think you will like it here. :nice:
  14. Welcome. Many of us have that monetary problem, so don't worry about that!
  15. It's always good to have another stanger on the board. Show us some pics of your new stang? My wife is originally from Selma, NC.
  16. welcome, its always nice to see the 94/95 section grow. This sections is alot of fun, lots of good people here. If you have any questions just ask.
  17. glad to have you on here :D
  18. 5.0stangette, you started off on the wrong foot already. You can not post one time and never come back to check it or reply.
  19. :lol: Very true... oh and welcome (if you come back)!

    Maybe she's out taking pics???? One can only hope. :D