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  1. Welome to to the forums, hope you find lots of great info like I do. I love this place. And you post on Mustangfourms.com or Mustang-forums.com. Im a Moderator for the 2nd website, they first one copied us, those bastards!

    My friend has a turbo MR2 black, ill get some pictures, its really hot, and fast.
  2. i post on mustangforums.com...i wasn't aware there was a mustang-forums, i just typed it in the first day i had my car lol and i didn't think to put the hyphen.
  3. yea they copied are name :(
  4. ahh, i totally didn't pay any attention, the previous post by Chris was me in case you were wondering...i was on his computer and i guess he has it automatically logs in with his name now..grr, he doesn't even have a mustang :notnice:
  6. Looking for anyone who can tell me what the engine specific differences are from the 94-95 5.0L and the 86-93 5.0L Thanks, Dan
  7. the biggest difference is our computer is different...thats pretty much all i know :shrug:
  8. Ouch... that oughta shut some of you fine gents up, hehe.

  9. Resurrected so you can taunt people you don't know that said something over a year ago on your first couple posts? Booooo this man.


  10. Wow this id old damn newbies lol j/k man at least he's using the search button :nice:
  11. Yea, lol. Someone that's actually using the search button, lol. Still, holy thread resurrection! :rlaugh:
  12. What is this search button everyone keeps talking about?? :shrug: ... j/k :D
  13. That is the track I always ran at. It is slightly at a slope.... so that sucks. They DO give slips ,though. $5 on Thursday & run all you want! :banana:
  14. Umm.. You blow off guys at night?:confused:
  15. I looked at the first post, and she has like 86 posts or something, i was confused unitil i saw this is a year old
  16. How come I didn't get a year long welcome? :shrug: :(

  17. you dont have boobs... :D

    i hope :p
  18. Don't worry.... that's my next mod.