Just learning to drive.

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  1. quick video my wife took earlier today....sadly the tires I have on now are the best hooking so far which I think i'm going to make a trip to the track with them (295-50-15's bfg radial t/a)....seem to hook better than the 255-50-16 bfg dr's with 17 psi in them. Oh well nothing outstanding just driving. My times in sig were on nearly bald 245-45-17's (stock 04 gt tires) so traction is alittle more more of an issue with them on.


    streetfire's version: http://videos.streetfire.net/video/d3ec63ca-9b71-46d5-95fb-98c6016cb0c4.htm

    doesn't need quicktime like the other one.
  2. you gonna break that thing :D
  3. The video isn't playing for me. :shrug:
  4. it took along time to load for me just be patient....if not i will comentate it for you its vrooooommmm quik shift stomp vroooooommmm quik shift stomp VROOOOOMMMMMM!:SNSign:
  5. Yeah, I let up....especially 2nd. :nonono:
  6. I was gonna ask "What was that "bog" in second gear?" At least you are using the clutch. That will help the tranny live a LOT longer. ;)

    I want a manual trans!
  7. lol never lift the gas just kick that clutch pedal baby! lol i need a new t5 from that little trick but i smoked a camaro so it was worth it lol.....damn poser w/ his 6" cowl hood....
  8. actually that was just 2nd gear spinning, I just wanted to post the video though since it was my first one....i got excited :SNSign: Syncro's are starting to go in 2nd gear so if I "power shift" it doesn't always go in. :nono:
  9. U were showing that gear box NO love...........:rlaugh:
    :nice: :hail2:
  10. lol this is why i hate streetfire

    look at the comments the dumb people leave.
  11. Yeah that poor little T-5 wont last much longer. But the car sounds pretty good:D
  12. she's got plenty of life left :D It's actually a tremec I swaped in after I got rid of the AODE

    This is a video of my pass down the track with the 5 speed so I was rusty as you can tell....but if you listen for the 1-2 you can hear it spinning when the motor bogs down right before I shift to 3. Orlando spin world for ya.
  13. I know, all because it's not a 2000 hp german car. :D They'll get over it. :SNSign: