Just Made An Offer On An Ebay Fox

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  1. Looks way too clean to use for a donor, but thats just my opinion.
  2. That's the point ;) I want my project to be "way too clean" one day. And anyway, I'm really only interested in the interior. I'm guessing I won't actually get it for that price, though. My only salvation would be that I think those A4s are still not popular. We'll see.
  3. In point of fact, you cannot replace an entire interior anymore. You can't get the center console from anywhere. If you try to replace everything that LRS will sell you, it runs on the order of $2k and it's not the complete interior. If you try to buy a complete interior off of craigslist, it's always missing stuff or in :poo:ty condition, or they still want a ton for it. If I stripped this interior, put mine in its place, and resold the car, I'd probably only take a $1k hit.
  4. Dont let me stop you, but why not just buy new carpet, seats, and repo parts to restore your interior rather than having to part out a nice nearly stock car? You can see that the driver's side carpet is somewhat brown in that car, and the seats, foams and fabrics can be had from TMI. Again, sorry if I am coming across rude, I am just the type that sold my '86 T Top GT because I felt too bad to use it as a winter car.
  5. As I said, I basically need everything to bring my interior up to my standards. I think it would be more expensive to restore than to swap it out. Additionally, I've heard that the made in china crap that aftermarket places are peddling is even worse quality than the stock stuff, which is honestly mind boggling to imagine... hehe
  6. Hell, just the center console is a $200 part, and it may not even be in great condition.
  7. You are just yanking our chains, right???

    I do not plan on buying ANYTHING UNSEEN over a certain dollar amount from Flea Bay anymore. I have been burned and do not want to get (insert past tense bad word verb) again. Now if you like gambling with $6100, that's another matter. But for that amount, it seems better be ready to drive home, to the local show or to the local track.
    It looks WAY too nice to strip, heck, mine is the LX version of this and may be in similar

    Repro carpet from ACC is better than the stock stuff! Fix your own would be cheaper and should turn out nice.
  8. If you do win, I want the wheels for a sticky set of tires, and can make a list of other parts I could use.
  9. It's not just the carpet, man. It's everything.
  10. I'm not really considering parting it out. I would swap my busted ass interior back into it, and then I'd resell the car. The guy asked me to call him. He asked me if I'd have it shipped or come pick it up. I'd actually ask a long-time mustang guy to go take a look and make sure it was represented accurately on Ebay. So no worries, there.

    The other question was that the best I'd offer for it. I replied, "that's it." And, he said he'd look into some other offers first and he'd let me know.
  11. I'm worried the pictures look better than it is. After all, we are talking 20 or so years of dirty humans climbing in and out of it.

    I've seen interiors look mint in photos...and then trashy and scratched in person.

    How bad is your interior?

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  12. Don't do it man!
  13. Im sure you know but 93's have "Opal" interiors. And whoever said the ACC carpet is better than FoMoCo stock is insane.
  14. I guess I'm a little worried about that too. But worth $6k?
  15. Well, he made a counter offer of $7k. I declined. On to the next. Timing isn't really right, anyway.
  16. It's a Automatic anyway. I had a 90LX with an Auto and wasn't happy with the slush box. That 1-D back to 1 shift was so annoying.
  17. Yeah. Wouldn't even consider keeping it as an auto. I'm better served to get a black LX with a manual anyway. It just worked out that it was so close to Mom's place where my Mustang is.
  18. I recall seeing once, a video of this dude sitting in his auto Fox at a stop light. Some kids (read: douche bags) pulled up next to him at the stop light, giggling like a bunch of girls and making fun of him. He was a pretty big dude (not muscle).

    So the light changes and this dude pulls the wheels and is gone from camera view before you realize what just happened. Seriously... Had to watch several times. The thing squatted and was just gone. Oh, how the tone of the douche bags changed all the sudden. lol

    Since then, I've always had in the back of my mind, the idea to make BUILT auto to tool around with.

    Anyway.... This thread just made me think of that.

    That car was probably worth the $6k that you offered. You've probably not heard the last from that guy Driver. I doubt he will ever get 8 for it. It's only worth that to someone who had one JUST LIKE IT when they were in high school and have been looking for its replacement ever since.

    Probably like you, I don't have the time to do a ground-up build. I think you're headed in the right direction by starting with something in good shape with a majority of what you're looking for already present.
  19. Not sure what you mean, Noobz. I'm not going to start a new project or buy someone else's project to keep. My plan was just to restore my car with parts from another very nice fox and then sell that fox. I think in the end it would work out cheaper, and easier than trying to source high quality new parts, or scouring craigslist forever, as I have, for a full interior.