Just Made An Offer On An Ebay Fox

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  1. I agree, and now that he counter-offered, I'm rethinking everything since I'm not on the hook if he wants to accept, anymore. I should probably wait until I can look at a car in person physically before I decide to buy it for quality swap-over parts. Anyway, my interior used to be ok, but yeah... now the carpet is cut-up and trashed, all of the panels are scratched and stained, the doors are stained, there is no center armrest, no rear seats (I'll probably do a delete kit, there). Altogether, I'm really not even close to happy. I'd prefer a darker "charcoal" grey interior from the early model foxes, but a black interior would also be very nice.
  2. I think it's a great idea, even though you passed on the deal. The logic makes more sense than ordering the whole catalog from somewhere.

    So when do you actually come back stateside for good? Or are you a permanent resident of Deutschland?
  3. No... Waiting on promotion to Major at the moment. If I don't make it next year, I'm out. If I do, I'll go on to school for my next job in the Army. Either way, I should be headed back home in either April or September of next year.
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  4. That was one of the reason I got my car. It was a salvage with a huge speed hole:D in the front bumper, but the interior was perfect, and the guy had every service record from the dealer since the car was new.
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  5. Your idea of swapping it out makes perfect sense. And I also agree that I'd have to see it in person before forking over thousands of $$. I almost bought a 93 for its black interior but I like my 86's style seats better so I'm thinking about a TMI reupholster into black with a rear seat delete and eventually a cage.
  6. After using it on three vintage interiors, I stick by my opinion, crazy or not. It sure would be better than the stuff in his picture.
  7. interior.jpg
    Just something else to consider it your plan goes south. Mine is turning out well for less. Just had the seats redone. Not cheap, but TMI seems good to work with if you will do it yourself. I had something a little different in mind. It was too gray, and I would never convert the interior to black in the summers we have.

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  8. is that leather or vinyl?
  9. It is fake cow skin. I figured the leather would rot or discolor before I wore the vinyl out. And I got just the right color of red to match the outside. Before I did this, there were leather faces on the seats, and they were not matching the vinyl on the sides and backs anymore.
  10. Further solidifys my future choice against leather. Thanks
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  12. Ha! I guess he found my thread.