just noticed something about the interior

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  1. Hot Rod magazine, February 2004, page 24. There is a picture of the dash, and the gauges appear to be lit up red. Inches away sits the radio, which retains the green lighting.

    Why on earth does Ford think I want to sit in the rainbow brite mobile? It's not hard to have the radio change colors too. Aftermarket stereos have been doing it for a few years now, which is where I'll have to go if I want to adjust the interior colors in a tasteful way. Aftermarket stereos rarely look like they belong in the car, so I probably won't even do that, leaving me with green interior lights (I want red dammit!).
  2. the gauges can be custom colored with 125 different colors. so you can have just about any color you want.
  3. Hell, we've known about this for about two months already.
  4. You are missing his point. You can change the colors on the guage pod but, it appears the radio and other lighting in the dash are not changeable. Seems kind of silly to have all these options to change the color of the main guages if the rest of the dash does not change as well to match the new colors.
  5. That does seem silly, they should all match! Another way for Ford to save a dime in production costs, geez!
  6. I still prefer the VW interior guage colors!
  7. What color are they? My G35 has amber colored gauges, I thought it was weird, but after driving the car, I find it neat!! IMO the "changeable" colors in the Mustang will not be cool!
  8. They are a very nice color BLUE... you have to see them lit up at night, gorgeous.
  9. Oh, I have seen those, that would look good in the new Mustang!! Have you seen the G35's?
  10. Sorry guys but the radio and dash are made by 2 different companies. And maybe the dash company doesn't want to share it's technology. If it bothers you that much. Turn off the stereo and listen to the great V8 rumble.
  11. Then Ford should do away with the "color change" thing! But I think it's Ford pinching pennies, if they wanted to, they could do this right, Ford always seems to miss the boat anymore, IMO!
  12. There are a couple of aftermarket stereos that you can switch colors on the display. Or get an LCD screen and program graphics. my opinion is that many people myself included don't care much for the stock stereo anyway. having it light up 8 billion colors would not change the quality of the stereo one bit. I believe at least on my year car. The stereo was made by audiovox.
  13. What is this?
    "Queer Eye for the Mustang Guy"

    Who gives a ****..
  14. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol: :lol:
  15. The color chaning gauges will be an option anyway. Hopefully we'll get white ones standard then I can use the extra money for more usefull options. Its cool, but God knows I'll pick one colour and stick with it.
  16. itll probably be one of those options that just fades away after 05 anyway just a marketing ploy
  17. What is the big deal? Just match the gauges to the stereo light, voila, problem solved for those that need the lights to match! :p

    <<< BTW , when did I get that "senior member" monikor? I feel like I should be taking geritol and looking for my aarp card in the mail! :D
  18. Yeah, a rather stupid, useless option IMO!
  19. I think its a really neat option.

    :hail2: :hail2:

    I love the bright blue, looks so damn smooth and clean.

    I think red and green and orange are getting old. Another Vote for the Bright Blue here!
  20. I have one thing to say:

    Its a MUSTANG not a MERCEDES! Who cares what color the dash is and whethor or not the radio can tell you how many calories you've burned today.

    If you really cared about the stereo you'd be putting in an aftermarket radio anyways. and if you REALLY cared about the stereo you'd have an eclipse or alpine deck, which dont change colors or look pretty at all. Because they care about FUNCTION and sound quality. Whats with so many members of this forum obsessed with looks and not giving a care to the function (IE: Rear filler.. sorry i shouldn't have brought it up). Anyone who knows anything about car stereo's knows that if a deck can change 125 colors and the other deck for the same price is ugly as hell, the ugly deck will sound 125x better, because they worried about the important stuff "pinching pennies" and putting the money into something better. Same deal with ford, made their stupid dash lights and then moved on to work on the engine or something that will actually be useful.