just noticed something about the interior

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  1. Relax, man.

    If you didn't want to hear about gauge colors, shouldn't have come into the thread.

    Jesus some of you people have a stick up your ass. :rolleyes: :stick:
  2. :owned:
    I'm gonna get my ass handed to me for this one, but you have to remember who buys the vast majority of these V-6 Mustangs, ahem, women.

    Yes I know it seems cheap and tacky to us, but my girlfriend changes her nail color at LEAST three times a week. The first thing she noticed about the new Mustang was the color changing dash. She says she can change it to suit her mood and will finally be an option for the girls.

    Gotta go wash my hands for just writing this. Women buyers are a big reason the Mustang is still around, but did the dash have to become this pansy-queer to hook the women who aren't sure if they want to buy or not?

    Imagine the salesman with a girl buyer who is about to walk away and pick a nissan or a honda and he says have you seen this? Flips the color to match her eyes and voila she decides she HAS to have a Mustang.

    Ewwwww. But I'm sure it will happen.
  3. Just run away from her if she picks blue, that's the bad mood color! :p
  4. :nice:

    Good advice for anyone. Though, when she selects red you get lucky!
  5. These color changing gauges are pretty useless. I'd rather have the engineering time spent on my car used on slightly more important matters.

    The gauges on mine are a nice blue/green color, which now that I think of it, is not only easy to look at, but matches my exterior as well. :D
  6. Ford has been engineering this since about 99. And the gauhes were not developed by Ford. So no engineering time was wasted by Ford on them.
  7. Amen. Does anyone know if the climate controls change colors with the guages or are they the same as the radio. I'm not to concerned if its just the radio.
  8. I believe they stay the same color. But I'm not sure if anyone knows for sure.
  9. forget the gauges, ford needs to redo the cheap looking center console. it really screws up the rest of the interior which has a nice look.
  10. this thread is silly.
    if you're stuck with a 05 that has the color shifting inst. cluster.
    I'm sure you could find a color that matches the green on the console.
    geez, next thread is on going to rant on how your drapes clash with your credenza.
  11. here's a picture of my interior...it all matches. i'm switching it back to my MAC's soon because i've decided i don't really like the reverse-glo. i really don't think the gauges vs. the radio will be that big of deal. and if you really want it to match, you can always change the gauge color to green.