Just ordered an 04 Competition Orange Cobra

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  1. Well I just put my money down and orderd an O4 Competition Orange Cobra. I got it for ~$500 over invoice = 33,750. Sound like a good deal? and how awesome is this car?
  2. I've had mine for 15 months and I still have a smile on my face every time I drive it. Congrads on the order and be sure to post pics :)
  3. Let me be the second to say Congrats and the first to say, I want one!
  4. I love how they call it "invoice"

    A and D plan is $31,500...so how i the hell is $33,750 "$500 over invoice"
    I bought an 03 brand new of the lot (not used) for $28K
    These dealerships kill me.

    I was at Don Reid Ford the other day and they have an 04 Cobra in Orange......looks badass.

  5. BadASS Color for sure. :nice:
  6. I heard they had a special $3000 rebate on 04 Mach? If so, does is there also a special on 04 Cobra's? 0% finance or a rebate of some kind? I am seriously considering trading in my car. wHAT THE is the x-plan?

  7. What is the A and D plan? How did you get one for 31,500 when everywhere you look the invoice is 31, 987. I got the chrome wheels which were 619 + 625 destination charge = 33,231(invoice price of vehicle) + 500 over invoice comes out to be 33,731. Please explain how you got one so cheap?
  8. I got the chrome rims too.
    A and D plan allow you to buy a new 04 Cobra for $31,500 +/-$200
    Anyone at a daler who says this is not true is lying.
    My local dealer will sell 04 Cobras at A-plan
    A/D plan is for Ford employees and their immediate family only, in-laws are the only exception. Ford gives the employee the PIN#, and they use it themselves or give it to an immediate family member or in-law.
    (Friends, grandparents, etc...are not eligible)
    Luckily my bro-in law hooked me up!
    he gets two pins a year and only uses one himself every couple years.
    I got the a-plan no problem.
    I had to fight a little to get them to stack the $2500+$500 rebate with the a-plan price.
    When it was all said and done, I got my 03 Cobra brand new with chrome rims for $28,2xx.

    I threw another $7500 down so now I like owe $20k on the car and it's still worth a lot more than that =o)

    I'm happy, happy I'm not upside down, down =o)

    There are a few select people who stole a new 03 Cobra as cheap as I did without a PIN #, and my hat's off to their negotiation skils. It is possible if you know the right people at the right dealership looking to move the car you want...
    There is a lot to be said for making the guy at the dealer LIKE you.

    A-Plan may be "under" invoice, but FordMoCO offers incentives to dealerships if they sell through A-Plan and they end up making money anyway, plus it allocates them more inventory the next year.
    Selling two cars and making $1000 on each is better to the dealer than selling one car and making $2500. It's all about incentives, inventory and volume.

    Anyone who wants to do this should wait until the end of 04......the 04's will have a rebate and if you're fortunate enough to get a-plan (marry Henry Fords great great grandaughters brother-in-law or something =o), you might steal one at the end of the year for $28-29K

    I dunno.......the fact that their won't be an 05 Cobra may not make the rebates so big on the 04's....
    Then again....the 05 GT will look so cool they may lose potential 04 Cobra buyers.
    It's a gamble....usually there's some type of rebate at the end of the year, though

  9. Be sure to post some pics!!!
  10. Well now I see you have a relative at Ford. I did not know that but based upon the fact that I don't have a relative at Ford I think I got a good deal. A dealer can make money if they sell at invoice but I don't see how anyone could get a ordered 04 for 28,8 if they don't use an A or D plan.

  11. dude that's great! congrats!
  12. That is an awesome color!
  13. My buddy just got a Orange Cobra and he paid 31,000 for it with the Chrome wheels. And I was there when he bought it. It was 3 hours of going back and forth.
  14. Which dealer did he get it from? At 31,000, the dealer is not making **** and the salesman did not make anything. The dealer holdback would almost be gone at that price. Where I live no dealers would sell at invoice. Was it purchased with a Ford purchase plan?


  15. Gullo Ford in Conroe, Tx
  16. Because they overproduced the '03's and if you were patient enough, dealerships were practically giving them away due to a.) that reason, b.) the numerous rebates and c.) the fact they needed to make room for the '04's--kind of related to overproducing...I almost pulled the trigger on a black anniversary edition, but couldn't justify even the price of $28,500 (rebates included) to pay for a car that had so many people complaining.

    I'm sure its a fun car to drive though...
  17. No complaints here.....and I'm pretty picky.
    I still believe my 300zxTT was a "better" car...better built, etc...
    But this 03 is pretty badass and I can't wait to get some H&R springs on it with a few other chassis goodies.
    11 seconds sure beats the Z that barely broke the 12's =o)
    The Z handles much better stock, but I drove an 03 the other day that actually felt better than my Z did...

  18. Hey Vic,

    What is the reason for the comment in your sig about dynojet?
  19. :lol:

    He's trying to change the world...

    I'll let him get on a soapbox and explain his reasons... Just keep in mind that MOST of us don't have ANYTHING else avaiable BESIDES a Dynojet!

  20. Soapbox...

    I love this guy.....

    (Vic steps on the soapbox)
    The reason I say this is that Dynojets don't show "real" HP and the SAE corrections are all whacked out.

    Your car might make 480 on a dynojet, but on a "real" dyno (Superflow, Mustang) it will show 450 or 460.
    There are a few "tight" dynojets, but I've only personally seen one that I know is pretty accurate. (Lamottas is known to be pretty accurate)
    When other dyno manufacturers have a "dynojet correction" that adds a percentage to the final numbers (and it makes the SAE corrected numbers signifigantly higher than they really are) you know something is up with dynojet. They are usually CONSISTENT and are great for comparison, but the actual numbers are usually wrong.

    Plus....you can't do a load simulation on a dynojet.....what good is that?
    I'll be fair; it can do WOT runs and measure power comparisons and air fuel.
    This helps with tuning, but to really tune from scratch you need load simulation.
    (Vic steps off the soap box)