Just ordered an 04 Competition Orange Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by dczr2, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. Vic is correct.... I've changed my sig to more accurately reflect these facts...

  2. I have an 04 Comp Orange Cobra..
    Love it..
    Only prob. no aftermarket yet.
    2003 predator will not work on one, no hypertech yet.
    Mil eliminators do not fit{diff connectors} etc..

    I will love it more whan I can modify it some..
  3. To Uncle Meat,

    Have we gone so far with political correctness that we have to place disclaimers on our sig so that we don't offend someone with the type of dyno we use? :bang: Also, if Dynojet is soor poor, etc., why have so many tuners chosen to spend the big bucks to buy such a worthless tool? (I have no dyno in my little city, I have to go to another community and dynojet is all I have found so far...)
  4. I hear you man! I'm doing this just to humor Vic is all... I had told him in a different post that Dynojet SAE numbers are the "De Facto" standard these days. The reason for this is availability. I'll bet there are 10 Dynojets out there for every Mustang or Superflow dyno. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't really matter what dyno you use for tuning, just remember that's all it is, a tuning tool. Some are better than others and many of us don't have a choice. So many people get hung up on the numbers these days, but as long as you're comparing apples to apples I don't see a problem. I realize Dynojet numbers are higher than a Mustang or SuperFlow, but I don't go to the dyno strictly to get numbers. I'm using the dyno to ensure my A/F is correct and to assess whether any modifications I made have improved my cars performance. I can do this with any type of dyno locally available, as long as I use the same one each time for consistency.

  5. terry:

    A dynojet is not a "big bucks" dyno.
    It's an inexpensive dyno, and that is who so many tuners have them.
    They literally cost less than 1/2 of what Superflow or Mustang dyno costs.
    They are good for comparison, but not good for showing actual power and offer no load simulation.
    Most people can AFFORD a dynojet and this is why they dont buy a "real" dyno.

    love th sig! LOL

    Is the code in your passenger side door jamb labeled "AMZ1"?
    (small black and white postage stamp sized sticker)
  6. Vic:

    How much is it to buy a dynojet?
  7. FYI, A Plan price is indeed "under" dealer invoice. If you are A Plan, you can buy the car for less than the dealer pays. I know, because the salemen tease me about it and get jealous!
  8. Congrats on your purchase. You're going to love it. Now the hard part....is it here yet.....is it here yet......is it here yet......when will it get here? The long wait for delivery. :D
  9. you still have time to get a Mach 1 instead....
  10. Im a salesman at a Ford dealer. No way can they legally give out A or D plan to just anyone. Ford is far more strickt with thier discounts that GM or crapsler. I have heard though that SVTOA gets -X- plan though and it only costs $40 to be a member.

    Also, If a dealer sells a car at invoice they are not ripping you off and making thousands. They may still make a couple of hundred but that aint $#!t. And the salesman.. $100 comm. maximum. Im really tired of everyone badmouthing dealers cause they dont want to sell cobras $2000 under cost.

    If you want **** at somebody then go **** to JC penneys or sears or something. take a shirt that cost $40, they paid like $12. my .02 cents

  11. yeah, you have to have a pin # from ford for the A plan purchase can go through. My whole family works/worked for Ford here in Detroit so we all purchase vehicles through the plan. It is much more convienient not having to haggle with the salesmen around here.
  12. Congrats on the purchase! :nice:
    I'm jealous and happy for you....but really jealous :D

    Where can I see pics of this '04 Orange Cobra?
  13. I went down with my 1993, the dealer wanted my car bad. He was willing to let me get an 04 for $28,678.98 out the door as long as I traded my 93. Well he only offered $13,500 for the 93. It a low mile car so we all know they would turn around and sell its for $18K. These guys are crooks. I would never part with the 93, I have a 97 I would part with for the 04 but even when I got that they tried to pull the wool over my eyes. I went in and sticker was $28k and change. I offered $24K. They said no, I walked they called back, $27, I said no, went down left a $3k deposit and said $24k or no deal, they looked at me and as I was walking out the manage ran out shook my hand and said deal. I got a brand 1997 cobra with zero miles for $24k out the door. You can't let these guys boss you around. You got to tell them what you want to pay. There are 5 SVT dealers in my state and more in nearby states. If one says no I will go to the other. But typically if you go in there serious and know what you what and are ready to buy right then and there they will usually go your way. Congrats, we are all very jealous.
  14. People bad mouth dealers because the great majority are complete boneheads. They are high-school educated, low-moral people who most of the time don't give a fvkk about the product they're selling. I have a horrific yet terribly funny story about a recent visit to Framingham Ford when looking at an '03--thankfully I did not purchase it. The story involved me completely owning a salesman who thought he knew about the Cobra while feeding me complete horseshiit (including a "check" to see if there were any 2002 Cobra's on the lot--ha). Hmm, did the fact that I drove up in a black '96 tip you off that I "might" know a little bit? Remember the target audience of these cars: PREPARE ACCORDINGLY!! If you're not prepared, get someone who can really help me then.

    Dealers lie to your face, try to scam you and tell you anything just to get you in a car...yes its their job to sell a car, but please find the line between being a good, persistant salesman and being a complete sleazeball dufus.

    I am not badmouthing all dealers by any means, but why is it such a "shock" whenever one has a great encounter with a salesman?
  15. yes, you have to go prepared. That is the bottom line. If you sit there and haggle back and fourth and then say you are not ready, they will laugh in your face. You have to research and go there and tell them what you want to pay. And be ready to walk out if they disagree. They usually call back with counter offer or to accept your deal. Dealers typically do not make much on new cars, used cars is where they see more $$. Be prepared, know what you want and what you want to pay. The dealer does need to make some green, but don't let them control the situation.
  16. I don't deal with the salesman on the lot. While I'm checking the car out he's going on with his sales drivel I already know what I want to pay before I leave the house. When I'm ready, I just ask for the sales manager and give him my numbers; no more :D if not I walk. If they don't stop you before you leave they've always called me later with an agreement. I don't like to play the game of "hold on, I'll have to ask my manager" 5-10 times. :rolleyes:
  17. Yeah, the talk with the mgr or the call back a week later killed me too...its like they're playing a game, a game that doesn't work. He called about 10 times and finally I told him I bought a 540i/6spd (complete bull), but I threw it right back in his face and he hasn't called since--obviously.

    To add insult to injury, they offered me $9000 for my '96 with 40k on it, and said they couldn't offer top dollar AND give me a great price on a Cobra because they'd be taking a double hit. I mean, I know my car is worth about $13k or so retail, but 4k below that? You're right, that is where they make a killing, because most people don't want to go through the hassle of selling a car privately, so the dealer knows they have most people by the balls when it comes to that...

    Its just such a dirty profession.
  18. I would like to know why you are paying roughly $33,000 for a 04 Cobra when you could save $5-8k and buy a slightly used 03 Cobra? Is it just for the color? Is that color worth the $5-8 grand? If so, why not just buy a 03 Cobra and paint it?
  19. "its such a dirty profession"

    what the f%&* do you know?

    you have no idea how it works. some salespeople are dirty but most arent.
    I have learned that honesty pays and you will get more repeat business
    if you are honest.

    as for getting $9000 on your trade. Wake up that is what wholesaale money is on it
    you thin k it is worth $13000. Try to sell it for that. Ill bet you cant get more than $10000 or $10500 for it. Everybody thinks thier car is worth more thatn it is.

    I would like to think my 01 cobra is worth the $23000 but i know in reality it is only
    $18k or maybe $19k.

    Domestic cars Depreciate horridly fast. We buy 03 tauruses at auctions with 20k miles for about $8500....they stickered for $22000 a year ago.

    just out of curiosity what do you do for a living gunsfan?
  20. I think it is $50k.