Just ordered an 04 Competition Orange Cobra

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  1. Man are you rude or what. I am new to the forum too, but I know not to be rude. Hey, wholesale is what the dealer thinks its worth. But in reality Cobra's are worth more than book. You can't really go by the book. For example book retail on a 93 cobra with 10k miles is about $8k. Try finding one like that for under $14. I think he could get $13k for the 96 if its in mint condition. Even your car, wholesale on your car is $16,900 and Retail is $22,000.
  2. im not trying to be rude

    I sell cars for a living and trust me dealers don't make what people think the do.
    I get sick of poeple telling me that im a cheat and a liar because of what i do for a living.

    all im trying to say is if you go into a dealer they will trade you retail to retail or wholesale to wholesale.

    if we rip people off they wont by again.
  3. what I am paying

    I am buying a brand new cobra because of the color and the fact that nobody has taken it for a "test drive". Yes, it is worth the money to me for peace of mind. It would be different if this was minivan or something along that line but these cars are made to do one thing ... go fast and I don't want to buy someone problem.
  4. That makes sense. I understand not wanting to buy a car with 400 miles of test driving or someone that beat the crap out of the car for less than a year. But isn't that what the car was made to do, and you are going to do yourself? That does not seem to be worth the $5-10k difference in price. Even if it had a problem that could not be fixed by warranty, that $5-10k could fix all of the "problems" and then some. Congrats on the purchase. I am envious. Someday I will have an 03/04 cobra. I will have to wait a few years, but I will pay cash for it.
  5. what I am paying

    Ya but it will be me doing it and who to say that I will be beating the hell out of it. I may or may not but it is worth it to me to make that decision from the first mile on the car to the last.
  6. Congratulations, I too am envious. Watch out when you are in Cali though my procharger is coming soon.
  7. I went to a dealer last fall and while he was going to give what i felt was a good deal on a new '03 cobra coupe off the lot ($28,500), he would only give me $6000 on my '96 (in very good condition) with @ 30k miles on it. Needless to say, I'm still driving my '96.
  8. what I am paying

    Just found out that it will be built on Feb.16 and should be here by 2nd week in March. Sweet!! :banana: :spot:
  9. Be patient. Sell your snake privately for around $12,000 then go put that down on the cobra. Get a used one too. I wish I could have a 96 cobra for $12k.

  10. What the dealers usually go by is the black book, and it usually lists cars for less than what you could get by selling it privately. This way the dealership can turn around and sell it for blue book value and make a profit (car dealers are just trying to make money).. If you go to kbb.com you will see what I'm talking about. The site asks you what you could expect to get from a dealer and what you could get from a private buyer. It's always better to try and sell your car yourself, you will get more money for it.
  11. mod

    So when I get this thing what should I do first? I plan on breaking her in pretty good but what kinda of mods should I do first?
  12. Well, other then a KB or Procharger :rlaugh:

    A cat back (lottsa choices and the arguments will make your eyes rollback into your head) and get some sort of cold air system or replacement filter (again, more choices then you can throw a handful of sand).
    No matter what brands you choose, you can pick up an easy 40 rwhp.
  13. Nice buy man. waiting for pic
  14. Anyone who defends dealers like you do must be in that shady profession himself..thank you for admitting it. Perhaps honesty pays and gets repeat customers, but that often does not mean the bottom line for dealers--PROFIT!! How the hell would I honestly sell an '03 Cobra to someone knowing all the problems its had? I'd let people know about the tick/stall/clunk, etc...and they'd go elsewhere, resulting in lost commission and lost money to the dealer. Its a lose/lose situation, so dealers will lie or play dumb.

    Most people go to a dealer knowing what to expect, so its great to tool on them and have fun with them, like I do. You are wrong, most salesmen are complete idiots with a minority who actually care and enjoy what they do--that's the caveat I threw in originally because I have had *some* good experiences. I've found alot of salesmen to be people who have lost jobs, been laid off, or are just not educated enough to maintain a skilled profession (unless you call bullshiitting a profession). You may very well fall into this category, and judging by your response, you do. Taureses depreciate that fast because they are middle of the road cars with no redeeming qualities, they are not high demand and so many are built each year, that they have to go somewhere. People would rather sell them at a huge markdown or loss than not sell them at all.

    $10,500 for my car retail? Hardly--I've already been offered $13k and $13.5k at 2 car shows and gratefully declined--I don't want to sell it nor do I need the money. Cobra's hold a premium over book more often than not, and when you find a clean one, its worth the extra money to the typical purchaser of these types of cars.

    Anyway, if I can leave you with just one throught--I want you to know that your profession is highly disrespected and laughed at.

    What do I do for a living..."let me go see if the sales mgr will approve that"...ha.
  15. Dude, I apologize for getting on the soap box and jacking your thread--good luck with the ride and great color choice. :nice: