Just picked up a black/black '98 GT

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  1. Does the Dealer give you a specific reason why you haven't gotten your car yet? I wouldn't be waiting idle while someone blows me off.

  2. Cool, I'll check those out. I have Eibach Sportlines on my Camaro, and I have not one single bad thing to be said about them...great springs. I see that a lot of people run the Pro Kit in the Mustang crowd, but virtually nobody runs the Sportlines. Saw lots of good reviews about the H&Rs. Is my list comprehensive, or is there other stuff I'd need to properly lower it too?

    I just emailed them and basically told them as polite but firm as I could to finalize a delivery date now, as I've been paying insurance for a month. I just talked to my dad, he hasn't heard a word from them again so I emailed them.

    They say they want to get a car at auction up in St. Paul and drive that back down to Iowa, I say just grab another car off the used lot and send two guys up here with my Mustang and just drive the other car back rather than searching for a car to buy at auction.

    Of course I can't be too rude since they're driving the car and I don't want them beating the piss out of it on the way up here.
  3. your list was very acceptable :nice:
  4. Now they are having a snowstorm, and still looking to purchase something at the MN auction.

    At this point they should just throw it on a transport truck and eat the cost, geez.

    Guy's such a bumpkin too, had to ask me again for my dad's phone numbers, it's like why don't you look back like two emails ago, they're in there.
  5. FINALLY got it delivered today...it's pretty filthy after it's 300 mile trip up to Minneapolis and sitting on the lot for a couple months, but it's home and it made it safely with no issues. They didn't provide me with a 21 day temporary permit until the plates come in so it's not supposed to be driven but my dad took it out around the block and said it drives perfectly, said the clutch is dead tight, and said the car is EXTREMELY clean, and that he could find no cosmetic issues with it. Also the steering wheel cover wasn't hiding anything, thankfully. It does seem to have a leaky tire, but that's no big deal.

    Nothing too exciting but a dirty car, but here's a couple of "just arrived" pics:

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    EDIT: Does anyone know what that Mustang sticker is in the bottom corner of the windshield on the passenger side?
  6. Wow, that brings me back to when I bought my car. I have the exact same options on my car and it even had glass packs on it when I bought it :lol: the only difference is mine didn't have the white Mustang GT letters on the rear bumper.

    Looks like a nice car man have fun with it and BTW that sticker is a Mustang Club of America sticker Mustang Club of America - Ford Mustang Owners Association
  7. Cool, thanks. Can't wait to lay eyes on it for the first time! Gonna be a long wait til September...
  8. good grab man!

    it might just be my eyes but that front driver side tire looks kinda low on air. is that the one leakin?
  9. yup, thats the one
  10. You guys think those bumper inserts will come off without damaging the paint?

    I've heard that a little hair dryer action and possibly some fishing line does the trick, but I'm still weary of trying to take them off, especially with a hairdryer around urethane...

    They don't look bad per se, but I'd prefer to keep the stock, cleaner look.
  11. I'd give the hairdryer a shot. I'd be pissed if a dealer delivered a car to me that dirty. Car looks good otherwise.
  12. Yeah the more I think about it, the more irritated I am they didn't run it through the Ford dealership's wash at a cost of $0 that was right at the exit. At the very, very least they could've peeled off the "98" and dealership stock # stickers from the windshield.

    Of course I asked my dimwit salesman what the deal was with the lack of a temporary permit so the car can actually be, like, driven and he told me he'd check into it and get back to me, yeah that was going on three days ago with no word again.

    Would never do business with Victory Ford of the ass end of Iowa again.
  13. If I woke up on March 14th and had snow banks I think I would start driving south until I found warmth!
    More on topic, congrats man! Can't beat a black on black GT of any year. Those are my favorite stock rims on an aero SN95.:nice:
  14. I'm sure being a million miles away and only being able to email them makes it a lot more aggravating. Aside from that looks like it'll be a cool ride. When you get back, lower it and slam a PD blower on it. :nice:
  15. Yeah it really is. I asked what the deal with the plates/temporary permit were on Tuesday, he said he'd get back to me, and call my dad, neither of which have been done, so I just emailed him and finally told him (now that I have the car) that I've been overly patient throughout this two month process, but now I'm just pissed off and I'm tired of dealing with him, tired of following up every time he leaves me pissing into the wind, and that it was pretty poor form to deliver a car so filthy, still with the dealer stickers on it. I flat out told him to call the old man about the plates, and close this out because I'm sick of dealing with him.
  16. That sure is a very nice stang there man, sorry to hear about the stealership giving the run around... Hopefully you can get it on the road soon!
    Btw its prob just me but I actually like the rear bumper inserts, thats just me though.

    Anyways hope you enjoy it man.:nice:
  17. well my dad got the plates, so i thought we were all done and squared away there...


    sister got a letter today from the state of MN saying that the iowa title they had me sign and submitted was void, because apparently there was a newer iowa title (by two months) floating around somewhere listed in the national database, so the one they submitted is automatically void/null since newer titles always void older ones...thus the state of mn wont give me an mn title for it until they submit the newest one--together with the letter they sent to me sister--which means another big delay with paperwork for them to A) find the title, B) send it to me in japan, and C) send it to my sister, and D) have her put the two in the same envelope and mail em


    on the plus side the plates are on it with registration until next january so i wont have to worry about that until after i come home

    man, just when i thought i was done with everything
  18. Well, continuing the saga, the salesman doesn't know what to do about this, and has forwarded this on to the sales manager to see what they can figure out.

    Truthfully I'm not sure how the car was able to come into them on trade on an old title?

    What would happen here if this can't be resolved, would they have to take the car back and refund my money? What would happen with the registration since that's all done in my name with MN plates now (that part was successful I guess)?

    Basically I got a car sitting in the old man's driveway in MN fully legal to drive with plates and insurance in my name (and a loan), but I/the bank don't actually own the car at this point.

    What do you think will happen?

    I figure if this doesn't work out, then that's it, I'm getting a 2006-2008 S-197 with sub-35k miles and I'll just be done with it. This is the second time I've tried to buy an SN-95, the first time around was a white 94 GT with 40k miles back when I was 19, but the bank wouldn't give me a loan for a car that old, even with a cosigner and perfect credit. The car was only $7k back then too, back in 2003. Go figure, today that same credit union gave me the loan for this car no questions asked, and now no longer cares how old a car is. This time around I just can't title the thing.

    Like I said, I'm not sure how the dealer was even able to take this in with an old title.
  19. I know you love the car already and want to keep it... but I think the best thing you can do financially and for your own headaches is return the car to the dealer.

    I would go to the dealer in person and demand that they accept the car to be returned, giving you a full refund along with the taxes, fees, registration and other costs which you incurred due to their illegal sale of the vehicle. You may have to pressure them hard on this and I am certain they will do anything they can to keep it from happening. However, all of these are their screw ups and they should fix it.

    If nothing else, it should make getting the correct legal title for you a priority if they are interested in keeping the sale. Just remember, they have your money, but you don't legally own the car. You need to get that straightened out. They are the ones who made the illegal sale, so they are required to accept the return, despite what their return policy states (wasn't a legal sale, so their policy does not apply). Personally, after all of this I think you should return the car and let them eat the losses themselves instead of putting yourself at risk.