Just picked up a black/black '98 GT

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  1. That's the only thing I'm not sure about, spacers do make the car look a little funky from the back, if you look at the wheels.

    But I really, really, really love the stock 17" wheels. Plenty of other places to put money, I have a weekend toy car as it is so it's hard to justify lowering/tinting/exhausting this one as it is in addition to the $200 I already spent for trunk/floor mats and the inevitable iPod deck I'll want, let alone doing any more.
  2. the stock 17s are nice.. but they can be nice sitting in storage or in the garage.. now this is just my opinion but I think anytime someone buys a sn95 they need to get wheels to fill that space in the rear. just my opinion... your choice.. but there is nothing sexier than a sn95 with a nice set of DD wheels.. Ive got 18'9 frt and 18'10 in back..
  3. for example....:nice:

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  4. I loved the way my car looked with spacers.


  5. Do you have a pic from the rear of the car? Car looks good on those shots.. I just dont like how the tires look so far apart from the rear.. I like that wide tire look..
  6. Sorry for the poor quality

    before spacers:


    after spacers:


  7. yeah see it just looks funny to me.. just me
  8. Well, I have new wheels now anyways. That said, my car w/ spacers and stock wheels looked way better than the car w/o spacers and stock wheels. Of course staggered wheels look better, but $1000 isn't in everyone's budget and some people don't like the loss in performance d/t the increased rotational mass ;)

    My car looks sweet with the new wheels, but it feels like I'm towing a boat with these heavy a** 18x9 and 18x10" wheels.
  9. yup yup... agreed.. but id rather go down the road a lil slower and lookin sexy than going with stock wheels.. I completely understand the budget thing... but you can usually find a set of good tires around pretty cheap.. I would much rather have some staggered 17's than my 18's I have now..
  10. I have to agree, the car looks fantastic with the spacers from every angle except dead rear...it definitely looks off to me as well.

    Oh Ford, why couldn't you just make the factory rims 9"-10" wide?
  11. Yeah but the before pic from the rear looks just as weird. If you're on a budget, lowering springs and spacers go a long way to improving factory look.
  12. I agree they both look funky...any other shots?