Just Picked Up A Clean 69...

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  1. Hey ya'all! I've been around here for a long tome, been without a Mustang for a long time too. :(

    Anyway, I just bought a nice 69 coupe. :) California car, no rust. 302 / C4. Just a 2v with air and power steering. Not a hot rod.
    Previous owner had it since 1986. He went through it, finished it in 2006. He gave me all the retoration pictures and the receipts too, WOW! Still needs some odds and ends to make it really nice. I already have a disk brake kit and rims coming.

    Now that I have another 'Stang, ya'all will be seeing more of me around here.


    PS- I anyone is interested or knows someone who is, the rims are for sale in the classifieds. Real deal Ford rims!

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  2. Looks great!
  3. Thanks!

    Here's a picture of the wheels I'm putting on it and the brake kit I got.
    17s with 275s in in the back and 245s up front.
    Brake kit has 11.5" rotors and braided SS lines. (Not pictured)

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  4. Very nice, join us at the 64 1/2 -73 Forum and classic talk . we have a thread started -Post picks of your classic mustang
  5. Roger that, will-co.

  6. Welcome to :SN: Looks good :nice:
  7. New rims and tires. Disk brakes and window tint up next...

    20140417_091950-1.jpg 20140417_091939-1.jpg 20140417_093635.jpg
  8. These center caps are on the way too...

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