Just purchased 97 SVT Cobra, have questions

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by calgarycobra, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. 97 SVT Cobra Coupe. 100k KMS (I think ~70K miles), rio red.

    No rear spoiler - is that weird? No holes or bondo in rear deck lid so I assume that it never had one. Thoughts?

    Are there any major known issues with this year? I heard rumblings about cooling issues, but could not find anything documented.

    I have a slight squeak coming from the drivers rear suspension - its sounds like polyurethane-bushing-kind-of squeak, but am not sure. Any known issues with slight squeaks? If so, how do I resolve.

    No SVT cert, can someone let me know the phone number or provide a URL where I can get my SVT cert?

    Any other feedback on this sweet ride is appreciated.
  2. I want to think that 97 was the first year that the spoiler was an option on Cobra. Most would probably have been ordered with the spoiler, so yours is unique in that regards. Rio Red is also sort of a rare color for the SN-95 4.6L Cobra bodystyle.
    As far as the cooling issues...I'll admit I don't know a whole lot about the 97 model year, but I'm thinking that it was actually 1996 that the Cobra had cooling issues and probably was resolved by 1997.
    The squeek I'm not sure of, but it seems like just about every 94+ Mustang I've had had some sort of squeek on occasion from the rear. If its minor, I wouldn't sweat it any.
    The SVT phone number is 1-800-FORD-SVT and the SVT web address is www.svt.ford.com and they have different information about all the SVT models produced as well as other current information.
  3. the squeak is most likely the bushings in your control arms, when I replaced mine even the metal sleave was cracked... as far as cooling goes well every mustang runs hot! but it was the 96 that got the radiator fix
  4. On my 97 the e-brake cable was squeaking were it passes through a hold down clamp on the body before it travels to the lower control arm. The cable and hold down have rubber on them. You could hear it just by bouncing there rear up and down. Just put some lithium grease on it and fixed the problem. Just check it out before you start replacing control arm bushings.
  5. Awesome. Thanks for the feedback on the squeak - it actually sounds like its coming from the area at the front of the outer/lower control arm, which could very well be the PB cable attachment.
  6. 96 Cobras have cooling issues, 97 Cobras do not. I too have a squeeking coming from my suspension. I thought it was my tie rods but it turns out its my brake pads. The previous owner put in brand new pads before I bought it...problem is they are generic pads that don't fit right, so whenever I go over a road imperfection I get a nasty clanking/squeeking noise.

    Be sure to make one of your first mods 4.10/4.30 gears. It felt like I added 60rwhp by switching to 4.10's. Definately wakes the motor up.
  7. The brake pads wouldnt make it squeek when bouncing the car. Mine makes the same damn noise except when it rains so Im gonna check that e-brake cable. Youll love your cobra.

    :edit: IT WAS THE E-BRAKE CABLE!!! thank god someone posted that because it was driving me nuts and it took 30 seconds to fix.
  8. :scratch: Twice Lamotta Performace (THE shop in Orlando) said it was the pads that were causing the squeeking. He said he could wiggle the axle and hear the squeek/thud coming from the cheap non fitting pad. Car only has 60k miles so I don't suppose my suspension is already *****ting out on me. :shrug: I had the entire suspension checked anyways and it all came back in proper working order.
  9. man I have worked on some ghetto rigged cars and never came across something like that. Oh well, I will watch for it from now on.
  10. Factory wingless! :drool: :drool: :drool:

    I like the look enough that I removed mine.


    Got any pics?
  11. I had my wing off for a day while the shop painted my saleen wing. To tell you the truth, I liked the car just as much with the wing OFF then with the new saleen wing on, and in some cases better.