Just Put The Saleen S281 Sc On The Rollers To See What She Had Stock :)

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  1. So the car put down 375.2hp @5700rpm and 369.7tq @4700rpm on a dyno jet. The tuner and dyno operator said that the air temp gauge hit 150 and that is too hot! Is 150 over kill or is it normal for this blower with a stock cold air???

    Here is the video:
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  2. Oh yeah this was at 6lbs of boost
  3. Nice! Not sure about the air temp question. Sorry.
  4. nice torque curve, or lack of lol. Looks like a fun street car
  5. Thanks :) it is def fun in the lower RPMs!! Next mods will be 3.4 pulley, x pipe, cai, gt500 pumps and a tune. Possibly 500ish to the wheels? Gonna see what she traps next weekend. Hoping for 110-12?!?!
  6. Those are good numbers. Don't sweat it.