Just realized I love my car's stance

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  1. always kinda thought my springs were a trade off for not scraping everything, but my GF took a pic at a perpendicular angle which i never do and actually i think it's perfect. I like it a bit higher in the back

    Post up your stances guys!
  2. I have always been fond of being SLAMMED

    .....Slammed FTW


  3. I'm definitely a fan of a slight rake (hence my C-Springs). Both of you guys have beautiful cars!
  4. I like my car LOW. Once I swap in my coilovers when its warm out, I should finally have it where I want. But for meow while in hibernation:


  5. I prefer the slammed look....
  6. Yours looks good Chris, but I prefer the SLAMMED look too....all the cars look good BTW!!! Coilovers FTW!!

  7. meow. :rlaugh:

    just a little bit of a raked stance is always lovely to look at :nice:

    fianally happy with my car's stance...though, my x pipe sure as hell isn't.
  8. ebay1.jpg

    My car is low lol.
  9. mine is sitting low enough for me. The LT's and X-pipe already hate me enough. Thankfully, the roads in Sacramento aren't as crappy as the ones in San Antonio

  10. 11-26-0614.jpg


    I need to get my front a little lower. :(
  11. I actually used to envy the slammed look, but now i think it looks more like the front of the car fell asleep on the front wheels - lol. I like some gap - complements the body more i think.

  12. dude both your cars are SICK!!! mach 1 FTW!
  13. i like the slammed look as well

    sportlines FTW

  14. i agree that with wingless, it's pretty much required
  15. Thanks...

    Dude.... Your wheels are soooo sick!!!! Stang is nice too....My buddies sportlines dont sit like that at all....
  16. sn-95's usually show more drop on some springs
  17. I used the same set of H&R ss's on my 95 after I removed them from my 03 & they looked lower on the Mach, in the front at least?
  18. one tong i have notcied about sportlines, they never looks the same on anyone's car