Just realized I love my car's stance

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  1. Well they sure look good on your car....

    I think the reason why alot of people bash sportlines is exactly what u said, the drop is inconsistent from car to car, or sometimes the rear sits lower than the front....
  2. I like the low look as well. :)

  3. DAMN THATS SEXY!!!! Nothin better than a Torch red new edge, DUMPED with blacked out tint!!!! VERY NICE!!! What wheels are those...
  4. having an 03/04 cobra is cheating tho:p
  5. Thanks. They are True Forged Chicane's (2 piece) wheels. Here's a few more pics.





  6. :p :cheers:
  7. ParkingLot006.jpg

    i think i'm doing pretty well just with bbk progressive springs
  8. I agree, I mean the car as a whole is bad*** but those rims are just sick! :jaw:
  9. Man that's a sweet car!!!

    CobraRed-- I like the raked stance of your car too. IMO it gives it a meaner look!!

    I think that's the best part about all the different products, mfg, and cars. Everyone can pretty much have what they want and put their personal touch on their car. They all look great!!!
  10. thanks:nice: and agree, it's nice that mustangs have such a big aftermarket scene so that you can truly customize your stang to your liking
  11. Jumping in kind of late on this, but y'all have some great looking cars. Here's my Basic Senior Citizen Transportation.
    Jim W.
  12. a mach 1 girll delete would do that thing wonders.
  13. Bumping 2 year old thread of now totaled car FTL :cry:
  14. So awesome! :drool:
  15. Thanks man!!! The car still looks the same today, but I will admit, with that perfect ride height that it had in those pics, the ride quality kinda sucks. I am actually gonna be raising it up about 1/2" or so now...
  16. I have one in the garage. As soon as it's back from the 5.1 stroker install (about another week), in it goes.

    Good catch!
    Jim W.
  17. :nice:
  18. Since it's been brought back from the dead... why not. :D
  19. love the triple black nice car.
  20. Aw man, I thought I had missed something and this was a new thread where CobraRed got another SN95. :(

    Lay it low!


    I'm there with Epik at the chiropractor's office. As sexy as it is, it rides like The Flintstone's car.