Just saw the 2005 at the 40'th show in Nashville

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  1. I just got back from the 40th anniversary mustang show at the nashville speedway. The 2005 is nice. Also saw mustang 000001 and early concept mustang. Allot of beautiful cars there !
  2. The 05 was very impressive. Did you see it on the track on Sat. A.M.? Alot of people missed it but it snuck in there and did a few laps. The car is very very fast. I was impressed with it's acceleration. It was much quicker than most of the cars out there at that time. It was the white test mule (minus the zebra paint) that is seen around. You could tell by looking at the car that it had quite a few miles on it.
    They had it open for people to sit in on Friday but the line was unbelievably long.
  3. Another tid bit of info.... Alot of the reps at the Shelby booth were talking and I spoke to another one seperately and they all stated that there will be a GT500 released. No one would say when other than "soon". They said Shelby America is producing the new 2 seat Cobra, the GT500 and the original Cobra.
    And if we all remember our history lessons, the GT500 stood for 500hp, not an unbelievable number since the stock GT is now 300..... oh the imagination runs wild....
  4. the GT500 didn't stand for anything.the 500 name was just as meaningless as the 350 in GT350.i really don't get the fascination with GT500,the really memorable shelbys were,IMO,the '65-66 shelby GT-350.by '67,it was more of a GT-type car than a road-racing demon like the '65.
  5. The only reason the GT500 is so commonly loved is because of Eleanor, which was far from a stock GT500 anyway. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing someone make an Eleanor body kit for the 05 style.

  6. Actually you are wrong. The GT350, meant that the car was 350 feet away from Shelby's shop! :rolleyes:
  7. s7v7n:

    It was actually
    350 feet from Shelby's office to the factory.
    500 just sounded bigger than 350, so they went with it ;)
  8. actually it was car #00003 the first one is in dearborn! I spoke to him about the car.He had it on the track racing a good bit! Looked very nice. Also At the 20th ann party for saleen he said he would be unveiling his version of the 05 saleen in october, cant wait to see that!
  9. I also had a great time down in Nashville at the 40th. On the way back to Toledo, saw the white '05 a yellow 04 mach 1 and a green 94-95 racing back up to Michigan. They were hauling ass. I went down in the wifes Accord V6 which runs well, but could not even come close to keeping up with them for long. People were racing up to them just to get a close look.

    After being there, I am not sure I am going to get one, I may go back to the old classic I fell back in love with the 69 mach 1 all over again and Boss 302's


  10. :lol: calm down buddy. your history book isnt right.
  11. All this talk about Shelby reminds me of Unique Performance. They brought some of their cars to the Dallas Auto Show recently. They're a company that builds some of the Shelby classics such as the GT350, GT500, and the Cobra. Their most impressive car has to be the 725 hp G.T.500E "Super Snake."
  12. You mean these guys....? Just keeping up with the flow of traffic....

    PS The green one was a '94.... ;)

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  13. that was them!! wish I could have taken my 95 gt vert there, but couldnt fit my clubs and all the stuff a 3 yr old requires for a weekend!

    next time, the wife and baby follow me!!