Just saw thr original Gone in 60 Seconds

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  1. Just saw the original Gone in 60 Seconds

    So, I had some down time this weekend and decided to watch the Original Gone in 60 Seconds movie from 1974 for the first time ever. I am 28 years old and have only really been seriously into mustangs since about 1999.
    That movie had some "interesting" acting and voice over work through most of it. But man was that car chase with the 73 Mustang awesome. I believe it lasted near 40 minutes and was pretty fun to watch. Makes me want to take my 67 coupe out to the nearest road course.
    I saw Bullitt a few years ago and I must say that that movie was a bit better than Gone. Needless to say, by todays standards, neither movie has some great plots, but the car chases in both are absolutely awesome. I'm curious to think what the members on this board think about both movies? Was one better than the other? Where they all around good movies in your opinion? It would be a fun discussion to have I think. Take care guys, and Happy Holidays.
  2. I love telling everyone that brings up Gone that Eleanore is a yellow 73 Mach 1.................
  3. Between Bullitt and the original Gone, Bullitt had more of a plot line where as Gone was basically written around the chase scene.

    Personally I like Bullitt better, McQueen is cool and I love the Highland Green '68 FB.
  4. i love them both, as far as which i like better, well i like both equally but in different ways. as far as acting goes Bullitt wins that one hands down, i keep waiting for the supposed remake that they've been talking about doing. as far the chase scenes go well Gone edges out just a little bit but both are awesome. i think that since Gone was completely done by basically one guy who financed it, wrote it, produced and directed it and even marketed it ALL by himself that too me is a lot cooler than a movie like Bullitt (or any other Hollywood movie) just for the sheer audacity of it. i could not pick a favorite between either of them though.

    another good car movie with some cool "chase" scenes was a movie made in the early 80's called "King of the Mountain" it had Dennis Hopper and Mark Hamlin and had a ton of cool cars including a 69 Mach 1, a 63-67 vette and an early Porsche Speedster. one of my favorite car movies of all time.

    there was another movie i remember seeing when i was a kid that started out with some guy stealing a Jensen Interceptor by remote control or something, i wish i could remember what it was. any body have any idea what movie i'm talking about? all i can really remember is that it was a black Jensen Interceptor that gets stolen.

    EDIT: founf the movie it was called Speedtrap (made in 77)
  5. I own them both on DVD. I have watched each several times, but most of the time I will just watch the chase scenes.

    I believe Bullitt won an Oscar ( Academy Award) in 68.
  6. "Bullitt" is actually a movie? I thought it was just a clip of a car chase! Just kidding. But, seriously, I've owned a DVD of Bullitt for ~4 years now, and I still haven't watched the whole movie. Like jes, I usually just watch the chase scene when I have a few minutes to spare.
  7. I like both movies alot for the chase scenes. I lived in San Francisco and always expected a 68 fastback to come flying past me about 5 feet in the air. I like the Original Gone's chase scene better then the new one. I think its more inventive that he returns the car again and then when he does steal it he wrecks it completely. Then goes to the car wash where the exact car was in and just took the fresh new one. Plus its more realistic then jumping a gt500 off a flat bed and still driving the car away. I mean come on.
  8. And that Cage jump scene was a hokey computer image while the original Gone's stunts are all real.
  9. Without a doubt, the chase scenes done back in the 60's and 70's are better than todays. No CGI and eveything was real. Real crashes, real racing and real cars. The 2000 Gone in 60 Seconds had a really nice car chase...up until the stupid computer animated jump. As soon as that happened, I gave up. I couldn't help but laugh at it. And don't get me started on those fast & furious movies. Those things are total crap. Especially the racing scenes in the first two. Movies need to become more realistic with their chase/race scenes again.

    Personally, I kinda liked the Bullitt chase just a bit more. While the 73 Mach 1 chase was awesome in it's own right, I wasn't thrilled that about 15 minutes of it took place off-roading. Other than that, it was a great chase scene for me.
  10. Bullitt was a far better movie IMO, and the chase scene worked well into the plot. Gone was a little indy production with horrible acting with an incredible, albeit gratuitious chase scene.

    Bullitt wins hands down.
  11. I own both on DVD. I've seen Bullitt several times and think it's a decent movie. I got the original Gone In 60 Seconds last year for Christmas and have only watched it twice. I'd have a hard time calling it a "movie." It's just a very long car chase with a few scenes sprinkled around it. Both movie's car chase scenes are exciting. I think "Gone" has the better chase scene, but Bullitt is by far a better movie.
    A funny thing I learned when I watched the original "Gone In 60 Seconds" was that when the movie was filmed in 1974, I lived less than a mile from where most of the chase scene was going on and never knew it until 32 years later when I saw the movie.
  12. Take it up here to Willow Springs. :nice:

    Neither of the Gone movies were good IMO, but the first at least had a more "realistic" car chase that was long enough to make sitting through the transparent plot seem worthwhile. The second was a bad high budget remake of a bad low budget indie film. It just didn't have the entertainment value of the original. I won't get started on the Foose Eleanor clone craze.

    The sad reality seems to be that car and driving-centered movies are typically lacking in plot. I think the only car-based movie I've watched and not rolled my eyes every ten seconds was probably Days of Thunder.
  13. I also own both on DVD

    The orginal chase scene will never be matched its just AWSOME! :D
  14. I actually went to button willow last November. I didn't track my car, I was there more to film and document the event, but I definitely would love to take my coupe up there when the suspension, chasis work and brakes are done.
    I agree that most car chase movies blow, but there have been some good ones done before. The italian job stands out as one of them, at least the plot and acting was decent. And I personally enjoyed the first Transporter movie. The car chase for the most part was very realistic and fun. Now, I know neither of those movies feature our beloved mustangs, but they were pretty fun anyways.
  15. So last night I saw the Nicholas Cage version of Gone in Sixty Seconds. As thin and full of holes as it was, the plot and production was oscar material compared to the original which was just a string of film shots with poorly done voice-overs that sounded like they were spoken by lobotomy patients with the vocabulary of a kindergarten class. Yes, the chase scene was obviously filled with green screen and CGI technology and when it wasn't, the cars were driving really slow compared to the sound the foley studio added.

    In the past two weeks I've watched a few great driving movies - Grand Prix, Bullitt, and The Gumball Rally. The thing that made them exciting were the driving sequences. In Grand Prix they actually had the actors driving Formula 3 cars and James Garner in a Formula 1 car on the actual road race tracks as the production followed the race season. You just can't do that anymore due to insurance costs. Could you imagine Brad Pitt and Ben Afleck driving real open wheel race cars at 110+ miles an hour through the Monaco road course with cameras mounted to the car bodys so you could see the concentration on their faces as spectators fly by at a blur and only protect them with an open-face helmet and goggles? The underwriters would have a fit! There isn't a whole lot of liability (not to mention the cost savings) to have some geek who can't even drive a stick sit in an air conditioned office and CGI the thing. I actually feel cheated when I invest my time watching a movie build up to a climax only to be rewarded with something that looks like it was done in MS Paint.

    Even Bullitt ran into liability issues. They wanted the cars to exit the city at full speed across the Golden Gate bridge and continue the chase in Sausolito, but the city wouldn't allow it. That's why there is a continuity gap in the locations of the chase scene. Could you just imagine what that scene would have been like if they let the cars open up on that straight and long of a bridge, weaving in and out of cars like they were standing still? I'll bet the camera plane or helicopter would have a hard time keeping up with them, especially on the downhill side!

    Now I'm not so demanding that I think I was ripped off because the Star Wars trilogy wasn't filmed on location, but I wish people's hands weren't so tied-up by insurance companies and had more freedom to work hard for enjoyment. Not just film makers either, I'm talking about everybody.
  16. Well, I've got a 73 mustang so I'm a bit biased. Gone in 60 is my favorite. I like Bullitt, but the car chase scene in Gone is way more tight.

    Ever seen Crazy Larry Dirty Mary??

    Ronin had a really good chase scene in it too.
  17. How about Vanishing Point? The car scenes were mediocre, although, the naked chick on the motorcycle offering free hippie love was interesting.

  18. both of those were good movies. Ronin was a great movie, actually, and the chase scenes with the Audi on spray were cool.

  19. the original was great but the remake was not so cool. the remake seemed like it was sponsored by Chrysler Corp.

    there was a movie in the 70's with Ryan O'Neal called "The Driver" where he played a getaway car driver in a bank robbery that had some pretty cool chase scenes.

    also a few of the Dirty Harry movies had some decent car chases too.

    i've been watching the gumball rally all week, just recorded it on speed last weekend.
  20. Ever notice in The Gumball Rally that when they get in the traffic jam near the end of the movie the front valance and driving lights of the Cobra are smashed, and then in the riverbed and rest of the movie there is no damage?