Just saw thr original Gone in 60 Seconds

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  3. When I first read your post, I thought you'd gotten Mark Hamill mixed up with Harry Hamlin. Mark Hamill did "Corvette Summer" which is another cool, if goofy, car movie. I hear he made a few bucks later doing some series of sci-fi flicks with the guy who drove the black '55 on "American Grafitti". Never saw them myself, but evidently someone did...

  4. well i didn't get them confused just mixed and matched their names is all. yeah i heard something about that sci-fi stuff don't really know waht that was all about. actually, i think corvetter summer came after Star Wars but before Return of the Jedi, but i could be wrong.
  5. I must be completely out of whack. My son is full-on into Star Wars. He has all the movies, video games, toys, etc. I was in high school when the original as released and never saw it then, so when my son started getting into it last year, I thought I'd sit down with him and watch it, maybe see what all the fuss was about. I swear, I can't force myslef to sit through even one movie! Not the newer ones, not the originals, nothing! It's such a load of poop I can't even fathom why anyone would watch one, let alone every one that comes out! Don't get me wrong, I've seen a few good sci-fi flicks and enjoy lots of different movie and story lines, but these movies are so friggin' bad I have trouble believing the same guy made American Grafitti that made them. I'll take Corvette Summer any day...
  6. Another vote for Ronin-

    That chase scene absolutely rocked- almost as good as Bullitt-
  7. Another great chase scene (even though it's not with musclecars) is the chase scene in the movie, "To Live and Die in LA". The movie itself is ok, but the chase scene is intense.
  8. i just saw the original today on speed channel and that end part threw me for a loop, i didn't understand it at all.
  9. If you want to see something that doesn't make sense at all, watch the original vanishing point (with no kids around, there's a bit of a weird desert scene as well as another one that involve some nudity). That'll leave ya confused for sure!
  10. Ain't that the truth! I remember being a kid and seeing Vanishing Point and Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry as a double feature in the theater. I thought they were the greatest movies ever. Then when I saw Vanishing Point for the second time a few years ago, all I could think about was "why didn't he just stop in the first place?" Lots of prime Mopar muscle destroyed for those two flicks...
  11. I dunno, I don't go into any of these near-B-movies expecting something good. I watch them just to see some cheap entertainment that happens to have nice cars going fast. I liked Vanishing Point despite it not being a "good" film.
  12. Don't get me wrong, I love Vanishing Point, as well as lots of the car movies of that era. I can't count the times I've sat through some movies just to see the cars. Anyone ever watch the Frankie and Annette movie, "Bikini Beach"? It's got more awesome '60's drag cars than you can count. Cars like the C-T speed shop T/F dragster, Ivo's four-Buick engined car, Dean Jeffries Manta Ray and lots of beautiful, late '60's top fuel dragsters doing what they did best.
  13. On the topic of car chase movies and all around things that go fast...how about worlds fastest indian? I thought it was badass, good movie. I own bullitt, ronin, worlds fastest indian, I also want to get "Le Mans" another McQueen movie.
  14. I just watched World's Fastest Indian and I agree!
  15. Cause he would've lost the bet with his dealer...I guess.:shrug:

    I also have the made-for-TV 90's version of Vanishing Point on dvd. The plot makes a little bit more sense, but it's still pretty dumb and has some horrible acting. But the best part is the Charger vs. Challenger scene.

    Trooper w/ Charger: "You think we're gonna catch him in that crapbox Chevy?!! It takes a Mopar to catch a Mopar." LOL:rlaugh:

    I also hate to say it in this thread full of 70's nostalgia, but the new Dukes of Hazard movie has some amazing stunts in it. The driver is a WRC driver, and they said he could do anything with the Chargers.:hail2:
  16. I have the TV-version as well, and I think it's far superior in both acting and storyline to the Barry Newman-version. I know that's a sacreligeous statement, but there are too many holes in the story of the first one that the newer one "fills in" such as why he's running, why he plowed into the bulldozers, etc. Of course, the new version is a bit hard to swallow as well, I mean why is it the owner of the Hemi Challenger can afford a priceless musclecar, yet would rather pay a stranger $600 to drive the car across the country as opposed to paying a fully insured, enclosed car transporter $1,000 or so to do the same. I'll bet his insurance agent was thrilled to learn that the guy saved $400 on that deal!
  17. Maybe the owner got the Challenger for free from a widow, like how Joe Dirt got his Hemi GTX convertible.:shrug:
  18. i know a mopar guy who absolutely hated teh remake, because he said it was too much like a mopar commercial than a movie. and he is a big time mopar nut too. he especially hated the "it takes a mopar to catch a mopar" line, in fact he was downright pissed off about it.
  19. He prolly hated it for the same reason I think it's funny; it's just so redneck.

    It's like the whole Ford vs. Chevy vs. Mopar thing. It's always the rednecks who are the first to attack another brand. The rest of us couldn't care less about Nascar and like different cars no matter what they are.