Progress Thread Just started tuning my car

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  1. Just started tuning my NMRA True street car. Before you say it I know its ugly but it is going to the body shop after its done being tuned. This is only the second dyno pull which yielded 1075 rwph @ 7000 rpm. The air fuel was only 10.8 - 11.0 and only 23* total timing with 21 psi peak boost. The dyno graph was still climbing so we think it should make power to around 8000 rpm. As crazy as it may sound, this car will be street driven to our local track events as well as true street events. We plan on making it to NMRA in Georgia in April. I will post our progress as we go if anyone is interested.
  2. Here is an engine shot.
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  3. damn! well done
  4. Talk about a sleeper...
  5. Nice! I will look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

  6. Thanks guys, I'll keep you updated as we make some progress. I'm currently waiting on a new converter for the car and should have that in a week or so. Then we will be able to do some more tuning.

    Joe- be sure to look for us @ NMRA Georgia. We will have the grill and smoker going all weekend just like @ MIR last year. Do you plan on running True Street?
  7. nice!
    ever thought about running an inlet pipe to the wiper cowl? pretty low pressure up there and it should allow you to suck plenty of air
  8. I have thought about it but I would need to cut a lot out of the valve cover and with only a 2.5" cowl there just isn't a lot if room. I also like being able to get o he plugs wires and valve covers without taking anything apart.
  9. make sense... one of the turbo guys we race with has to jack his car up to get to his plugs from under the car. but he doesnt have to do them between rounds
  10. VERY NICE!!! do you have your A/W behind the fender? or in the car? . witch blower is that vortec?
  11. A/w is under the dash on the passenger side. currently have a v24 x trim. Still have plenty of room for the passenger as it will be street driven.
  12. thats how marcus thompsons X275 car was... not sure if he moved it when he put the BBC and single 116 in it
  13. good S-hit very nice peace. street driving? Pumpgas?? like 91 92 oct?
  14. If you pump it out of the vp drum. Lol. It's race gas for now, once we are done we will write a pump gas tune up for it. As soon as I get my new converter we will
    Keep tuning.
  15. lol lol lol
  16. pumpgas is awesome. i likey pumpgas lol
  17. A friend of mine and I have a saying: "Never trust a beat up old Fox at the race track.". That car is the perfect example! Pure awesome!
  18. ??? What's so funny about that