Progress Thread Just started tuning my car

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  1. I'll take one in red :D
  2. Haven't decided yet. I have about wore out my Nittos, and I was going to buy a set of full slicks. It just depends on where I end up on the tire situation. If the drag radials are still there, maybe so. Either way, we will be in two completely different ballparks. I will be shooting for high 12's, low 13's ;)

  3. Joe- Hopefully you decide to stay with the radials.:) While we might be looking for different TS averages our door is always open to anyone. Racing to us is more than going fast, it's having a good time with good people and eating some killer food while we are at the track too! (Smoked Chicken Wings to be exact)
  4. Leaving it ugly is the best bet. I expect to loose to the high dollar "pretty cars". Its the chicken wired sleepers that make me smile
  5. well we are going to put the car in black primer for now and get all the dents out of it that way we can work all the bugs out of the suspension and it will probably get finished painted next winter, so i have about a year of ugly left. lol
  6. That car is awesome, you true street guys are making some power. Jersey Mike's car makes stupid power too.
  7. True Street...nice, you got a big cooler to keep the trans cool in the 30 mile cruise. I see MI is off the schedule:(. I could run NMCA in MI though. I may try and drag mine out to IL, did that two years ago and had a blast!
  8. I have a trans cooler with a fan mounted under the fuel cell in the back of the car. We will def. Be at mir for nmca and are trying to make plans for Ohio NMRA too.
  9. Right on! I will definitely be following.
  10. Here's the update:

    We got the new convertor from cameorns the other day and popped that in with no trouble. While we had the car down for a few weeks I decided to sent the heads out and have inconel exhaust valves put in them and a few other odds and ends done.
    Long story short we put it on the dyno today and made 1163 rwhp. As soon as the video is edited a little ill post a link to that. We spun the rollers to 184 mph! IMAG2192.jpg
  11. Ha holy poop. Good work man. What block are you running?
  12. Block is a 9.5 deck Dart Iron Eagle, Thanks btw!
  13. Impressive indeed.

    Looking back I should have done a 9.5" dart

    and a T6 turbo
  14. One correction must be noted since dudnotch joe is reading nicks typo, so far ALL these pulls where with a v24 Xtrim, 21.6# was peak boost with it leveling off to 20# up top on the datalogger. We have one of 2 XX volutes Vortech released for test data for this same head unit that we still have to put on this week which should yield another 100rwhp or so, then I also have an XB105 and a ztrim deciding which to try..... it made 1163 with no ice in the cooler .... theres the facts.
  15. so you are admitting the owner of the car said it was a ''double X TRIM'' and you had his posts edited, cause it was a ''TYPO''? nice attempt on trying to over up your underachiving nugget with a claim of having a smaller (now) ''single X trim'' as to why its under powered............ sorry to say but that is a EPIC FAIL making that kind of power with a engine over 430+cubes with heads that flow WELL OVER 330# when there are 8.2 deck 302 base engines making more HP with small YSI's ... lmaoooo.

    ps. EPIC FAILURE! on cover up attempt and HP output.
  16. Yes it is quite the underachiever, please show us your build again and what it makes....
    Nick got this blower from me from my underachieving 331 streetcar that went a best of 8.6 but usually 8.8's with the XX volute... It is a Xtrim unit stamped right on the tag. Vortech never made a XX for the public but did make a XX volute since the impeller and cases are the same. I have one and kurgan has one as far as i know. The v24XX flowed roughly 150cfm more than the v24X with a little less efficiency than the Xtrim which was good for @ 100rwhp. The Xtrim is rated for 1300hp and the XX to 1400hp so they are pretty similar. We have been dynoing with the Xtrim so far to see what it would make and for data to compare against a couple other head units Vortech gave me to test. I personally wanted to see the difference between the X and XX since i only ever used the XX volute on my small motor so we will swap the volute before going to a bigger head unit. This car will cruise around here hit some shows, meets, and races and times will always be posted this is no grudge car so there would be no reason to care what blower it is we could put ice in the cooler, turn up the timing with some c16 or q16 and make more power i know but thats not how it will be raced so no point. Since you obviously build better setups for streeters i hope to see one of them at a true street race this year and see it resetting the record into the 7's since noone with a ford has been able to do it after actually driving 30miles and hot lapping 3 passes without opening the hood or touching anything. You would enjoy the class no wheelie bars, no slicks, no backhalves, etc... and real streeters like nicks going as fast as they can. Hope that answers any questions you might have had and lets you move onto cyberstalking someone else's builds. Good luck this year with your grudge stuff either way.
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  17. i was once someone who was going to use all out automotive and be a loyal customer and spend dencent amount of money with them. till I was shown all out is nothing but a FAKE & a FAILURE. as to how Its run as a business establishment.. leaving the circus act to the ringling bro's... anyone looking for confidentiality and outstanding results, I highly recommend DO NOT use ALL OUT AUTOMOTIVE..
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  18. when it comes to grude racing.. or just keeping the lid on a combo for anything from KILLER to Mild street car / cruiser.

    ''CONFIDENTIALITY'' is not in ALL OUT AUTOMOTIVE's vocabulary or MOTTO.
  19. lmao you and your boys wouldnt be using my place so stop with your BS you are funny joe! How bout this since its more your style, put your $$ where your posts are and you can come up- nicks still strapped to the rollers you can verify for yourself the underachieving combo and i will give you all the tools to check blower inlet/outlet measurements etc.. If it isnt exactly as stated and doesnt make within 10rwhp of its last dyno i will give you $1000 otherwise you pay up $500 for being the joker you are and making fictitious claims. Otherwise bring your car to one the TS races and show us all how its done just better do better than 9's like your last one.
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