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  1. Once again showing the liar you are, look what the owner posted we did not and do not build sheetmetal elbows or intakes. What a joke! Show us the $$$$$ Cyberstalker!
  2. no claims ... JUST COLD HARD FACTS.
  3. Here is the post from the owner after dudnotch joe was cyberstalking him on FB. LOL still wont put up the $$ to prove you deceitful will you? JOKER! All we have are facts all you have is BS seems to be your calling card. The proof is right in front of you waiting for your $$

  4. you allow something like that to leave you're shop with you're approval???
  5. you allow something like that on your web page?
  6. Yup i wouldnt recommend anyone stopping in to my clown shop, they run the risk of running into the TS world record holder vinny with his 7sec streeter or dave valora who went 4.7 first yr out in x275, or allen who won more fastest driven in streetcar races than anyone this year at atco, or doug with his low 4sec 10.5car who are always in getting stuff and hangin out.... jealousy wont make you faster nor will typing on the keyboard. I already been 8's in truestreet after driving 30 miles in the summer what have you done with your streeter again ? Oh thats right youve tried to badmouth shops youve never even been to or met in person and tried to talk trash to slower cars on message forums...pretty impressive resume.... hahaha I apologize for this many posts with you and your grade school mentality ill just add you to ignore like most others. If you want to put up $$$ to prove any of your claims just shoot an email or call the shop. Enjoy rest your afternoon street champ!
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  7. Hey Joe, why don't you go find someone else and hijack thier thread. I post up about my car and then you come in here and talk a bunch of crap. Either step up with your wallet or step out son!
  8. none of ''my boys'' use you. another faulse claim of excellence.. lmaoooooo
  9. Nice spelling^^^
  10. I really thought we had got rid of this guy. Admin, can he not be blocked? I don't think i have read one post from him that has not been slanderous or negative. Anyone else on board with me?

    Joe (no, not the jerk one)
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  11. I would take my car to that shop if i lived close in a heartbeat! Cool to see you get more hp gain.
  12. DUH! You read as good as you run obviously! Am pretty happy with my present clientele. Cant wait to see your NA car at one the NMRA TS races!

    To the other members who have figured out dudnotch already he posts this kinds of hater nonsense on multiple boards, another keyboard hero with no accomplishments or recognition to speak of that knows he could build something better using the same stuff yet has no proof and when called on his lack of owning something fast will try to bring others cars from his "crew" to show he has "street cred" yo! Some people talk about what should or would be, where others like myself and Nick build something for real and show what it really does good bad or indifferent!
  13. Dud u a **** talkin all this :poo: ain't responding to me on text or fb and u hav balls talk :poo: to people about there cars look your car u hav ask your daddy ian witch I lik ian cool dude to race your car u a clown now lock that dp up
  14. I can't believe you created an account to post this. How about everyone takes a deep breath before posting and lets keep this thread on track.
  15. you edit your post. like you had ur boys post edited. as to having a xx trim. lol

    you're a funny guy. april 11th 2011 witch was a monday i beleive. I called to order parts and get blower upgrades done to my blower. & pulleys and what not.. anyway i was given prices and was told i would be called back with in 1 day with reguarding the availability on the parts i wanted to buy... 24hrs later ''paxtonpwr'' a member on NJR witch is a racing web site or was a racing website. blew up my spot on there by saying, '' i called ALL OUT AUTOMOTIVE'' that person ''paxtonpwr'' postes my engine ci heads what blower i have what hp i was looking to make. what parts i was looking to buy. that same SN is a person who works/ ''or'' owns the place. and reps ALL OUT AUTOMOTIVE owner employee or whatever that person's title there is... so it reflects on to ALL OUT AUTOMOTIVE as ONE......
  16. stop telling all your nut huggers to join the site and defend you're phony fake self.

    exposing that circus called all out automotive is going to be one of my main objectives every chance i get..
    whats fair is fair.

    that car is an under achiving Nugget. and you been told on Yellow Bullet by real engine builders and real blower guys. that combo is under performing and that you should throw in the towel.

    Really everyone actually says nice job, i dont see anything negative? Find me one similiar cube motor with a single Xtrim (not Xi, not XB) making more ... I dont grudge race or hide numbers unless someone asks specifcally but rarely happens not my scene, i dont know who the guy you are trying to quote nor understand how its a negative against my parts prices or service. You are a joke plain and simple I dont see anyone saying otherwise nor care once again you and your small crew dont pay my bills or give me the stellar reputation as an honest shop owner I hold with many companies, organizations, and real customers. You keep flapping and I will keep making badass combos, making a good living doing what i love and cruising around having a blast!

    Heresjust a few pics from the web and magazines of me and some my customers rides please show or remind everyone what you and your customers have done again ?
  18. I have two kids, so I'm used to blocking noise out. So how's the build going?
  19. Good, lol. We should be swapping to the xx volute this afternoon for some more dyno pulls and I'll post the results as soon as we have them. As far as the car goes it should go to get the body work started by the end of the week once we are done testing on the dyno and hopefully we will have in on the track for the first week in March.