Progress Thread Just started tuning my car

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  1. haha ignore the twatwaffle's... cant wait to check out the car at cecil this year! that and grab a lane with Dave V again and crack that buicks ass! haha
  2. Dudnotch is just butthurt haha
  3. IMAG2202.jpg
    We popped the xb105 billet wheel blower on just for fun today. As you can see, it yieled good results 1327 rwhp with the discharge tube blowing of right about 7400 rpms. I'll be welding a bead on the end of the tubing tomorrow to try again and will v band it if needed. I'm not sure how much more power the fuel system will handle but we shall see. Hopefully about 3 weeks away from hitting he strip!
  4. What fuel system you have?
  5. Welding 2035 w/ step down and 160 lb injectors. Fuel pump seems to be starting to run out.
  6. Jesus! Haha thats awesome though man
  7. Thanks, we should do a little more testing this afternoon I don't think it would be unreasonable to see 1400rwhp with a little more timing. I just have to fix the discharge tube first.
  8. nice work.
  9. What you got a crack or something?
  10. Didn't crack anything, I just wanted to weld a bead around the end of the tube as well as a tab on the side of the tubing so that I could bolt the tube to the blower. I ran out of time to dyno it again today but I did get everything else buttoned up.
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  11. Thanks!
  12. Yeah ude looks great what brand injectors are you using siemens or bosch or.... ?
  13. That comment made me scream in laughter just now.
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  14. They are some vintage ford motorsport white top 160's