35th Anniv Just to keep the forum going.....

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. mileage on your "Limited Edition" as of October......

    Mine...just under 52,800 miles. 1370 since february.
    :rolleyes: Yeah, I know what you guys are saying "DRIVE IT"

  2. I have 18,004 miles.......drive it maybe be an under statement for me.
    why is this forum always so quiet? Aren't their enough LE's out there to keep it going?

  3. I bet with that kinda mileage, your GT is beautiful. :nice:
    As for the forum, I guess since there are few of us to begin with and there is only so much to talk about, its always gonna be that way. And with www.mustang35th.com down right now things are kinda slow all around. BTW, the server for 35th.com was in Pensacola which got hit hard by one of the hurricanes that went through. Thats why there its been not updated in so long. Hopefully it will get back up and running soon.
  4. I've got over 83k miles, its my only vehicle. I've thought about buying a beater buy I don't believe in owning a garage queen :shrug:
  5. 62700 miles on mine. Just wish I could find a performance red 1/18 model that came with our cars. The guy I bought the car from could not part with the model. But, other than that, I love the "limited"...
  6. Just turned 60,000.

    And also just got a remote bottle opener for my NX kit for $125!!! So now I have the power anytime...my engine and transmission may not like this too much.

    I was wondering about mustang35th.com I'm sure that David is swamped and will get it back up soon.

    Joe, I wonder if you have the fastest LE around now that I haven't seen J. Vaccaro's (sp?) car around in a long while.

  7. I'm not too sure but I'd love to get the "title." I haven't really decided what direction I'm gonna go with my car. I think if my engine ever gives I may put in a blown modular 5.0 and shoot for around 600rwhp. Then again, I 've considered just buying the next cobra. Right now I'm converting to a return style fuel system and installed a custom direct port kit for a bullit intake. It came off of Broc Bly's 01 Bullit. I should have some dyno numbers in the next two weeks. I don't think I'll make much more power but it will be much safer.
  8. Cool man, post them up when you get them.

    Also, why don't you see what a T-45 and stock crank can do...Do I hear a 250 shot?? :)
  9. You may, but I have no idea what Tommy303 has going on with his these days either. :shrug:
  10. glad to see that their is some movement in this forum. I didn't realize that you guys had so much work done to your cars, NICE, great numbers, 484rwhp, wow that's nice, do you have a blower on that? If so what kind?
    I just got a mongoose kit done at MPH in Atlanta, i got 380rwhp.
  11. Here's the pic of the intake and direct port kit I installed.....


    Earlier I dropped my car off to have a fuel sump welded in so I can convert to a return style sytem. I have an 8AN supply and a 6AN return line with an Aeromotive fuel system good for 1000hp, not that I'll need it, lol. I will have it retuned in the next day or two at Strictly Perf.
  12. Good point Jason, I forgot about his Tommy's car, with the forums being down over there and all. Any new news from David on the site's situation? I have almost no money but could help out a little if he really needed it.
  13. I don't think money is an issue, but what a guy! :nice: Its really due to the company(in Florida) that hosts the site was hit by a hurricane. It may be a while before he works it all out.
    Hang in there.
  14. I just passed the 46,000 mile plateau this weekend. Only a few thousand of those are mine as i just bought the car at the beginning of the summer. Not putting many miles on it lately as i'm at college, but put around 300 miles round trip on it every time i go home. Had a little run in with the law in it this weekend, but all is good. Gotta love the gt power and the looks you get in the car. I'll be driving her top down on thanksgiving day to my high school's big football game in Baltimore. Should be cold, but should be fun.
  15. I've got right at 50K on mine.
  16. Mine right now is just about to hit 62,000. I have the Performance Red automatic with a few modifications :) Its a nice car! Though I think im going to have to store it soon cause its getting so cold out and we are going to have the first snow of the year today. Visit my site I made for the car @ www.cardomain.com/id/red99mustangman

  17. Nice. I see you had a black 94-95 GT with 17"tri-spokes. Funny, before I got my 99 GT Limited, I had a Laser Red 94 GT with 17" tri-spokes.
    Twisted sisters no doubt.
    - :nice:

  18. :nice:
  19. 86,000. and its going to stay right around that until i get home in 06.

    I am also looking for the 1/8th diecast model (coupe). if anyone see's one, please let me know. I'v been looking for one for a long time. mostly on ebay.