Just wanted to say hi!!!

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  1. I have just recently bought a sonic blue mustang in april. I just wanted to say hi!!!! :banana:
  2. hey congradualtions i'm CharQuake on aim im me sometime :nice:
  3. thanks!!! i have a question? i got my windows tinted what would you do next?
  4. hi welcome!
  5. dual exhaust!
  6. dual exhaust and an intake are the first two things i'd do...i'd go with intake first just because once you put a higher flowing exhaust on your car you'll want a K&N/CAI...however the opposite is not always true. Plus a CAI is cheaper, and since you just bought your car, you may not want to pour $300+ into it right off the bat. Plus, some people are uptight about their warranties.

    Post pix when you get 'em!
  7. especially of you :banana:
  8. just wanted to say welcome!
  9. Hello.

    I guess it depends on your warranty and what you want your car to do :shrug: If its a brand new car you may want to wait until its out of warranty. There was a thread back where some guys radio broke and Ford wouldn't replace it because of his aftermarket exhaust :rolleyes: So it depends on if you want to chance mods or not. There is some small mods like a CAI that you could install and uninstall pretty easy. This way when you take the car to Ford ( Knock on wood you don't have to) you can swap back the stock air box. I'm all for power but I never had warranties to worry about.

    Good Luck
  10. CAI won't svoid the warrenty and radios a re cheap, dual exhaust!
  11. CALM DOWN now boy, lol. yes, its true, a girl has joined the forums, dont scare her off now. lol.

    CAI will void your warranty if ford knows you have it on. you just have to take it off before you take the car in for any warranty service. that way it wont void it :p

    ANYTHING you change on your car, minus the air FILTER (not the entire housing assemb.), or changing the fluids (oil, gas, transmission fluid, etc...) will void your warranty. BUT...only if ford knows about it!

    When I got my exhaust put on, my friend gave me a pair of cats he has no use for, and I have my entire origional setup, so if I ever have any engine problems ill just put it back on.
  12. MAC LIED TO ME!!!!!!!!!????????? i still had negative 3 years left on my warrenty :sad:
  13. yea definatley get an intake before the exhaust. i am selling my chrome piece if you are interested...pm me
  14. You can get around this easily. Just search on the internet for a automotive by laws book. they have to prove within reasonable doubt (like a court) that what you installed caused the problem. If they can't prove it, then they can't void your warranty. Ex: there is no way in hell a CAI could break anything on ur car.

  15. a friend installed his on wrong, not on a mustang, I think it was a matrix, and the engine blew or something, had to get a whole new engine
  16. This is very true. However, on the newer mustangs they don't have that controller plug so you have an open hole unless you know to specifically close it off. If you sucked in some crap then it could seriously f up your engine. Do it right and you won't have a problem.

    Also 97silver...there is a clause in the federal law that says unless the manufacturer supplies new air filters for life, then they can not void your warranty for using a non-OEM air filter. However, this is the whole air intake assembly housing, not just your filter.
  17. How does a improperly installed CAI cause a motor to blow up :shrug: Did It fall off without him knowing about it and he drove it a few years with no filter :scratch:
  18. Just wanted to say, that guy he's referring to is me. :mad: :D N E wayz, welcome to the forums! :cheers: Nice choice in color as well...I love blue. :nice:
  19. Maybe he left somthing in the tube and it got sucked in :shrug: or maybe he damaged the Mass Air Sensor and it ran lean till it burnt somting up. Maybe he put the filter under the AC drain accidentily (I have no idea if this is even possible) lol that'd suck. I dunno but it's possible.

  20. thats all I know, what I said. He did something wrong with it and it screwed EVERYTHING up. Maybe didn't blow it up I don't know, but something happened.