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  1. I think thats where orlando is if i'm not mistaken

  2. well I'm about 8-10 hours from North Florida, and an hour away from Miami, where you can actually keep going down for quite a while towards the keys and stuff, so yeah it takes a while for me to get out of florida too
  3. well in alaska you can drive for days and not see canada or the pacific ocean... it's all relative... :rolleyes: my point was your all like "omg ur from texas! thats frekkin awsome", theres lots of people in texas man
  4. Montgomery is about an hour and a half north of Houston....I always just say I'm in Houston b/c nobody knows of good ole Montgomery. :D
  5. I just barely know where Houston is :D J/K
  6. Texas is the best state. Not all cowboys and horses and cows like lots of people think. Montgomery is boring. I don't actually live in Montgomery anymore. (went to high school there) . I'm now in Spring, a little closer to Houston.
  7. :lol: :rlaugh: That short clip deserves an Oscar. It must qualify for something. :rlaugh:
  8. bluestanggirl:
  9. Actually, the show Orange County Choppers is based in Orange County NY. I've been there a few times, and actually used to live there. Good ol' Goshen, though it is EXTREMELY small, like 4000 people.
  10. I know everything is realtive but try using Cali as a exsample next time. If you think you can drive for days in Alaska I want to see what your taking :nice: Its not a straight shot from one place to the other. A 10 hour drive there probly will net you 100-200 miles as for in Texas it would net about 500-700 miles. Although Alaska is the biggest state in the union its the least populated state. Texas is the second at 25 mill while Cali is like 27-30 mil. So they don't have a lot of long highways systems since theres no one there. Plus the terrain is very hard to get around in cars/trucks. There is the Alkan Highway that I think is like 300-400 miles long but most of that is between Alaska and Washington state. Now if you plan on taking that road I would plan it where I would be through it before night fall :D There isn't really and stops inbetween and if you break down its like 50 below during the night :eek: Its on my top 10 things to do :nice:
  11. Oh, hehe...well actually I was talking about "The O.C.". Maybe you haven't heard about it, I personally think it sounds like a dumb story line but whatever. I think basically its about rich stereotypical ppl that live in Newport Beach, CA....Probably the polar opposite of Orange County Choppers for sure though :)