Just wondering...

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  1. yeah just wondering...
    this will be my dailydriver...
    if i get a 65-69 mustang for around 1.5k-2k would i be able to get it running for about 1-2.5k ?? also want to drop a 5.0 or something in it. want to push around 250-300hp (don't know much about engine choices)
    would it be hard to make one a 5 speed? or should i keep it 4 speed?
    me and my dad would be doing most of the work ourselves.
    are these mustangs carbureted
    give me some tips?
  2. Everything totally depends on the condition of the car you end up purchasing. Make sure you buy a V-8 model, since you are looking at the 5.0 conversion.

    Parts can be replaced, rust is an expensive fix. Buy the body style you want now, so you are truly working on what you want.

    And use this site, many knowlegable folks here and great advice. :nice:
  3. And yes, a 60's era Mustang is carbureted. Fuel injection didn't come around until the '80s. Keep us updated!