Mach 1 K&N Air Intake System

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 07GT1, May 14, 2007.

  1. Is this a good system? I was thinking of buying this intake for my 04 mach and wanted to check to see if anyone had any opinions on it. I did a search but didn't come up with anything about the system on the mach 1.
  2. Alot of people had problems with the [email protected] CAI causing stalling. Supposedly the culprit was people took the screen out of the inside of the CAI. Leave it in. I had the [email protected] CAI but the screeen being left in was'nt my problem. It stalled no matter what. I ditched it and bought the [email protected] Tru-Flo Intake. Never had a problem since. JLT is suppose to be a good one. MRT is a good one also.
  3. Good to know. Thanks
  4. I went with the C&L intake setup for reasons other than the performance gains of the intake alone. It's a good, solid intake, and when used in conjunction with their 85mm MAF and Mach 1 air box, performs great with no stalling or surging issues.

  5. That kit looks really nice. Hows the nitrous in these cars? I Had nitrous in my camaro ss and that car just loved the juice.
  6. These cars seem to really love any type of FI, nitrous, sc, or turbo. Just as long as you don't go nuts with it on the stock bottom end.
  7. I'm looking at teh C&L myslef, why would we really need a 85mm MAF? What size is the stock TB?

    Also wouldnt you need a retune for the MAF to work right?
  8. The C&L system doesn't use a new MAF per se, it uses a 85mm MAF housing with the stock sensors. A tune is almost a guaranteed requirement, as the C&L tends to significantly lean out the A/F ratio.
  9. He's right, it's kind of a misnomer to say MAF, when it's actually the stock MAF electronics in a 85mm MAF housing. I never had the leaning out issue with the C&L unit, even with nitrous. It was so on the money, I went back to the stock tune while running a 100 shot of nitrous!
  10. Ah who needs C&L when you can run with JLT, eh? I know I do.
  11. When I went to get a dynotune a couple years back, I was actually running rich with my [email protected], X-pipe, and Catback. They leaned it out to get it back up to 12.8-13.2 range. Never had a problem with [email protected] on my Mach, nor my '93 GT that I had a [email protected] 73mm Mass Air meter on. People that knock them don't know what their talking about.
  12. no problems with my K&N filter but maybe thats because I have a tune
  13. i have a c&l on my 94 and it does seem to be a really good brand i know its not a mach but i figured i would throw that in there... we are in the market for a mach and i always see the c&l for that tube but what about the other one in the front is there some replacement for that one?
  14. If you buy the [email protected] Tru-Flow Intake for the Mach 1, you'll get the Intake tube, the 85mm housing and a 9" [email protected] conical filter. They also sell just the Intake tube all by itself.
  15. oh so the kit comes with both tubes thats cool :nice:
  16. shaker tube
  17. i think i'm gonna go with the c&l eventually
  18. Like 32valves said, not the shaker tube in front. I thought you were talking about the housing in front of the mass air meter. But you can get your shaker tube chromed if you want. That's what I did to mine. Expensive though :( , unless you do it yourself.
  19. I have the K&N and it does stall every great once in a while.

    I have debated going to the JLT, it seems to give great power.
  20. I've read more than afew times on M1R of guys getting the JLT and saying it's a very tight fit or does'nt fit correctly.