K&N Filter and Car Sketch still up for grabs v. 1001

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  1. Okay so basically i still have this filter and still wanna draw someone's car on :SNSign:
    Bout time i do it then: post a # between 1-25 for the filter OR post one pic of your car that is at an interesting angle and/or has an interesting (relively simple) backgorund and ill pic one to draw and ship to you for free.

    - when 25 #'s have been picked or it has been two days ill pick a number.
    - only post a # for a filter if your going to use the filter
    - I'll figure out something for Merc123:p

    Thread refrences:

    My last Stangnet sketch:

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  2. Do you have to own a mustang for the sketch?
  3. it has to be yours:shrug:
  4. dam, o well it was worth a shot to get a nice sketch of the truck or maybe gsxr
  5. that's a negatory
  6. damn no 69?

    Ill shoot for 22 then

    my age
  7. I'm in for 16...
  8. 11 why not.
  9. Drawing of the car sounds cool


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  10. I'll take 13 please. Thanks!
  11. chances are a little better i see... 18 please :)
  12. CIMG4442.jpg

    Should be easy to take the girlfriend out of it. :nice:

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  13. Hmmmm.... maybe take just the car out of it? :D
  14. Sweet. I want the pic please :D




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  15. cleanpics003.jpg


    i want one of these drawings BAD!!

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  16. 8 for me please.
  17. hey, i dont mind if you embellish the cowl or drop it an inch so i can see what it would look like. if you choose mine....have fun with it.