K&N Filter and Car Sketch still up for grabs v. 1001

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by CobraRed_96_GT, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. wow, i didnt even know you chose me!!!!!:nice:

    sorry, i was looking for the thread and it dissapeared.:shrug:

    it looks awsome...sorry i couldnt get back to you sooner.
  2. the lowering looks awsome, as i want to get that done for real so bad.

    its weird because i thought that my car might be difficult to draw because of all the lines and the wheels....but it looks great so far man!
  3. anything i should change?
  4. i dont know...its a bit hard to see any small detail. over all i think it looks great.

    do you have other plans or changes you were thinking of doing? i think that you the artist, and its your call on what you think looks best.

    please keep me up to date on what you are doing with it or when your done. id like to see it a little better when you finished. or is this the finished version?
  5. btw, i think the stangnet and ADRENLN logo's are pretty cool!:D
  6. Congrats Adrenln!
  7. well, besides cleaning it up so it looks sharp yeah; i was just going to add anything you thought it was lacking. like on TureBlue's ride i added the stearing wheel and dash that i forgot and altered the lisence plate inset on the bumper to look right. Ill try to get better pics, it's just my digi cam is hating me lately.
  8. LOL Just send me the K&N and recharge kit. I actually need a recharge kit...

    LOL Ill pick a number between 1 and 1. I choose 1.

  9. I updated the pic, of course it should flatten out over shipping and ima lighten the white areas form and smudges. I hope i have a chance to do your car again, maybe the pic in your sig. Hit me up if you get new wheels, lol, your were uhm.... a learning experiance
  10. thanks bluextc! you could do my car again from any angle you would like in the future...i know the wheels must have been tough. its good you chose to take on a challange, that tells a lot about character!

    the updated pic looks good....i dont see anything that needs to be changed. :shrug: looke good to me. the only thing i see missing is the tail pipe, but i dont know if you chose to leave that out for a reason.
  11. wow, good eye. Thanks, ill be sure to add that on (after the championship game:p )
  12. That looks awesome!!! I thought I was going to be really disappointed if it was me, but it looks too good to be disappointed!

    CobraRed_96_GT FTW!
  13. Mach1photos144.jpg
    I would like one also please. If you choose mine, please try to make my chin spoiler look new again.. LOL

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  14. Nice Mach.

    btw Im still waiting on my filter and recharge kit CobraRed...:D
  15. lol, i already gave them to the people who actually won:p