K&N filter on the 03 or 04 Cobra

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  1. Just the filter and not the CAI. What kind of rear wheel horsepower are these cars getting with just the filter?
  2. You might see 4 or 5 RWHP from just the K&N drop in. The FIPK is good for 25 RWHP and it's worth every penny!

    K&N Drop in = $51.16 MSRP $10 per HP
    K&N FIPK = $185.90 MSRP $7 per HP <- Better deal!

  3. UM is correct. But I think the cheapest CAI system for the money versus gains is a straight through like a 8-10 inch Powerstack filter. All you need is an aluminum adapter for your MAF sensor for a four innk slip-on filter like the Powrstack. $100 bucks total. Anderson Motorsports and S. Fla Pulley sell them.
  4. FIPK all the way. I did alot of research before going with it - it is hands down the best performer. Reason its so good, is when the hood is shut, the device is sealed from the engine temps, and pulls all the air in from the fender. I went out logging IAT temps one day with the predator. At idle, fully heat-soaked, the iat temps were a mere 88 degrees. This was on an 85 degree day! Course, the heat exchanger and intercooler certainly help too. So as you can see, you are not pulling in all that heat from the engine bay. Some guys are removing their hood blanket, which IMO is a big no-no if you're using the fipk cause you lose that seal. Now, with just a drop-in filter, you are getting the hot iat's. And, with any fender CAI's, you will get turbulance to the MAF because of the bend(s) in the pipe.

  5. Guys,

    I have a K&N drop in with the silencer removed, but I am thinking of getting the K&N FIPK, do you think you will run lean with this CAI? I have heard so many things about different CAI running you lean, and that is why I went with the drop in? Peace.
  6. Thanks UM

    Off topic, I passed through Prattville on my way from Mobile to B-ham, I was keeping my eyes peeled for a white cobra, but didn't see one. I do not have the cobra down here, but I am still thinking about meeting up with the mafia guys.

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  7. With the stock tune you won't run lean with the FIPK. My Cobra was still very rich above 4000RPM with the FIPK and the stock tune.

    Early on, I dyno'd at 391rwhp/386rwtq with just a drop-in K&N and Magnaflow catback. I added a FIPK and a Predator and gained a whole bunch more. Numbers in sig.
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    You'll be fine! These cars are pig rich from the factory and unless you are running a full exhaust with the FIPK you have nothing to worry about. The CAI's that cause all the problems are the ones with a 90 degree bend in front of the MAF. UPR, Densecharger, etc. They can disrupt the laminar airflow into the MAF and cause all sorts of headaches. This only applies to 03/04's though. They seem to be way more critical when it comes to the intake.


    Yeah, the chances of you seeing me on I65 as you blast past the Prattville exits would be slim to none! I own a damn garage queen! :D
  9. My exhaust set-up is an offroad h-pipe and flow catback . You referred to full exhaust, so should I be ok with my current setup. Peace guys!
  10. with a k&n filter and removed silencer, i've seen 394rwhp/375tq
  11. 391rwhp/386rwtq

    What does that translate to in crank horsepower? Are stock Cobras 15%, 16%, or 17% drivetrain loss?
  12. Yup! Proven to lean you out a little and give you that added power! More difficult to tune also when you add more mods.

  13. I purchased the K&N FIPK from the ebay member that 98yellowstang recomended. I will let you guys now what my A/F ratio is before and after the install, as well as the hp and tq numbers. Peace!
  14. Uncle Meat, I have a Bassani X-pipe and Cat-back installed on my '04. Does that mean I would have something to worry about if I were to install the K&N FIPK? Thanks!
  15. I have talked to a couple of people that said they got as much as 7, but I think 4-5 is pretty much normal. Everybody tells me to get the FIPK kit for my new 04. Hope this helps.
  16. Possibly... You've opened up both the exhaust and the intake sides of the motor now so it would be a good idea to have your A/F checked just to be on the safe side. Just because those same mods made my car lean doesn't mean yours will be to, but why not be safe and check it any way....

  17. i'll tell ya why.. because your gonna spend $2-300 on a dyno sensor install + initial run. if your not modding your car to the point of adding pulley's or custom tune that is a big kick in the balls. (not to say i don't agree with you)