K&N oil Filter?

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  1. It was time for my oil change, so i went to canadian tire, and happy me the Mobil 1 oil was in sale, so got 2 4l and when i went to get my oil filter i saw those K&N oil filter, they are normally a lot more expensive but they where in sale also, so i decided to try one

    Anyone tried them? good bad?
  2. My friend puts that on his 408 (351 stroker) but I think they are $30 or more??? Personally I prefer Ford Motorsport filters.
  3. ya normally i get the Fram double guard, but the K&N was 13.99$ in sale (normal price 18$) and the fram double guard was like 12.99$ so for the 1$ extra why the heck not try it, they also have gas filter :) but i changed mine when i got the car wich is only 5kmiles ago (yep im late for oil change i know)
  4. That's what I using too since last year !

    Can't tell the difference but I guess they would be good quality !


    Info here !

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  5. eheh cool thanks
  6. Motorcraft FL-1A