Kaenan Redneck hood FTW!

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  1. Picked up my new hood from kaenan this morning, gotta say its probably the best quality hood i have ever seen! It bolted right on, and fits just about perfect with very few adjustments and latches perfectly! Would definetly recommend Kaenan Products. :flag:





  2. looks cool...any inside pics looking out the window
  3. Yup just went out and took a few, its obviously not painted its the finish on the fiberglass which is super clean, but here are some driver seat shots, pics do it no justice.


  4. that hood would get me very annoyed, very fast
  5. If you like it, then it looks good :nice:

    Myself, I prefer being able to see the road. :shrug::flag:
  6. do they have a web sight i got one already, wanting to get another. i love them
  7. Looks a bit stupid IMO:shrug: Do have a gigantic motor in their that you need to clear?
  8. 14 second passes would get me very annoyed, very fast...

    Thanks man!! its looks great in real life, plus will look alot better painted, but you can see perfectly fine only thing it blocks out is the road right in front of the car.

    You sound like another person who's never been to a racetrack, and verts are for chicks...
  9. no need to be a dick

    hood looks good :nice:
  10. Thanks man :nice: Dont mean to be a dick, just dont appreciate people telling me my car looks stupid.
  11. KICK ASS!! F what anyone else thinks as long as you like it. Nobody liked when I put quarter scoops on my car, but I didn't do it for them.
  12. I hope there's a need for it. Too big for my taste but if you like it, that's all that matters.
  13. Damn, some of you guys don't learn, huh? If you don't like it, keep your mouth shut! It's his car, not yours!

    To the OP, it looks good man. It's definitely big, but it gives the car an aggressive look. I think once it's painted, it will blend a little more and look sick. Maybe look into painting the mirrors too while the painter has the gun out :D
  14. I was about to say the same. Even my 00 R hoods tends to annoy me.....but both my 00 R hood and this hood sure do look good from the outside :nice:

    But doesn't that kinda negate the whole purpose of these forums?

  15. x2

    Hood looks fine from the outside. I wouldnt be able to stand driving the car with it installed though.
  16. Hood looks mean dude.
  17. why

    do people in general put hoods on before getting them painted?
  18. Says the guy with '03 Cobra rims..where are the annoying waffle rims? Go back to detailing stuff and swapping in a PI motor in your $2k GT. No need to jump into a thread like this.

    I have a '95 R style cowl hood getting painted with a '01 Cobra bumper getting ready to go on myself!f

    Looks good OP! Will look even better painted!
  19. Looks mean! Now all you need is a lighting motor to go along with it :).
  20. I had the same hood. Fit and finish was top notch. I took it off because I was tired of the big cowl and stock motor. Shop that painted it said it was one of the best hoods they ever painted.

    Here is a pic of my car with it.