Kaenan Redneck hood FTW!

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  1. Thanks everyone, and yes i am a dbag to handz specifically just because of the fact that every single thread on the site he says something bad about everyone else's car, every single time, and yes 98 cobra 281 is my friend, hence the reason i named the thread the way i did, because i knew it would grab handz attention.

    But anyways thanks everyone cant wait to get it painted, as of now no nothing huge under the hood, but later down the road when i get out of school and earn some money im going to build either a kb motor, or ported head, cams, lt, ported edelbrock intake, and procharger/vortech motor, have plenty of time to decide haha, but in the mean time i have some stage 2 cams going in the car, a set of heads im working on, and hopefully kmember/coilovers and a nice 125 shot or so haha
  2. Man this thread got nasty. People, it's his car. We all own our cars and can do whatever with them. We all have different priorities. This hobby would be no fun if we all modded our cars the same way. That hood looks good, but it's not for me. And that's cool, cause it's not my car. If he's happy, that's what matters. Yeah, it's a forum, and people can give their honest opinions, but there's no reason to be nasty to each other. We're all Mustang brothers and sisters here. No reason to hate. :flag:

    Unless someone puts altezzas on their car, then that's a different story. :D j/k altezza people. :p

  3. I really dont have a link to there site, i dont even believe they have a site, luckily for me i live about an hour away from the kaenan warehouse out of melbourne florida so i just drove there and picked it up in person, only cost 350!
  4. Lol thanks man, like i said i dont ask everyone to love it, just if they give dbag comments theyre getting dbag comments back haha

    And thats another good point i couldve went with the street look with the same hood just 3 inch with some dd fr500's and looked like a sick street car, but i want to get some slicks and skinnies and go for the drag look! Drag look grabs attention on the street, and like someone else said it gets the ladies attention haha
  5. I think you're going to get a lot of people that want to run you with that hood because it looks intimidating. I'd be the first one.
  6. :popcorn:

    it amazes me how little tact people have, grown adults even . if someone doesn't like the hood, fine. either don't say anything at all or phrase it nicely. yes, it's a forum and opinions is what it's all about but can we not display a little more manners? i can't for the life of me understand why people insist on acting this way.
  7. :nice:

    We've been here a long time... you have to admit. It has gotten better from the "TangNet" days... :rlaugh:
  8. Do you want to race my vert? And I do think that hood is over kill.
  9. Ridiculous

    Because computer monitors add a foot in height and 100 lbs of pure muscle to everyone who sits in front of one. In person, we're all usually very nice to each other. But just put us at a keyboard and we're often rude, aggressive, and just plain nasty. I don't get it either, man.
  10. Good thats what i want, i can never get anyone to run me and im all about racing cars that i know are faster then me.
  11. Never said verts are slow i said they are for chicks, let me phrase it nicely, i would never buy a vert because i dont think they flow well on mustangs, but with light bars they do look good with the top down.
  12. Nice :nice: :nice:

    looks awesome on the car!!!!!

    i forgot how low your car was :drool: :drool: :drool:
  13. i dont mind it. I think you woulda been better off with a 2.5" or 3" cowl though

  14. Thanks man it will really pop when the car gets repainted and i get some rims and some slicks or radials out back haha

    Yea those would have looked good, but when i get slicks and skinnies, the hood will look alot better plus when it gets painted it wont look so huge, its not even that big in real life.
  15. what you going to do with the stock rims?
  16. yeah once its painted it will look alot better!

    Night Shifter - Im bringin my car down to Daytona in may
  17. I dont know yet why you need some stock ones? I was looking to get the same rims as 98cobra's.
    I might keep the stockers idk yet haha

    Thanks man, are you from florida too?
  18. i wish! I live in a city called Kingston at the far end of lake ontario in canada
  19. Ohhh damn, thats a little bit different climate haha, that sucks. You bring your car down here alot?
  20. this will be the first time!