Kaenan Redneck hood FTW!

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  1. im possibly looking for some stockers right now...i shouldnt have sold mine lol...im also in the market for some race stars too :D

    got the camera ready and waiting! send me a PM before you leave for fl...we'll definitely meet up :nice:
  2. Learn what? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all...? What the hell is this - kindergarten?

    Learn this - If you can't take some constructive criticism, don't post.

    That said, as someone else had posted, "no need to be a dick" about it though...

  3. the cowl hoodslook aggressive. i love mine. after a while you dont even see it from the inside anymore. however, i like verts too! but again i have one of those too.
  4. amen to that
  5. Dude Bada$$ !!! hoods are kinda like displacement, the bigger the better, and for everyone who says you cant see the road, learn to drive, you shouldn't be looking at the road which is 5 feet in front of you anyway.

    1fun281 - all you need to see is the light turn green then go straight 1 quarter mile at a time!!! Seriously though forget about the a$$hats and enjoy your ride!!
  6. Maybe we should have a separate forum called, "Positive Reinforcement" for people who need to be told that their latest upgrade "Looks Cool". :rolleyes:

    Seriously dude, what the hell is this all about? While I believe that nobody needs to "be a dick about it" and nobody should type anything here in a forum that they wouldn't say in person, I think it's ridiculous to expect everyone to absolutely love every upgrade you want to share with us. Or, you tell us, if we don't love it, we should 'keep our mouth shut'. Wow. Pretty much sounds like censorship. :shrug:

    Ever heard of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? It states: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference, and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers."

    Or how about the Constitution? The first amendment in particular. You should read up on this subject and be thankful that we have the rights we do.

    If you'd rather live in a country that does not allow disparaging comments, so be it. But here in the US, we allow any and all comments. Have you read letters to the editor in your local newspaper? Most of the letters that I've read (especially lately) have been bashing someone or some group, mostly bashing the government or a government employee. Could you envision living in a country (China for one) that does not allow its citizens to say anything negative against the government? How would you like that here in the US? Think about it...it could happen.

    I understand where you are coming from...I really do. I get tired of people just bashing for the sake of bashing. Who have big balls behind their keyboard. What do we do about these people and their comments? Ignore 'em. Then they won't get the rise out of us that they are seeking...and they'll eventually go away.

    Chris :flag:
  7. The first amendment just means you can say what you want about the government with being arrested. It doesn't mean you can say whatever you want about anything... without being punched in the face or whatever.
  8. Yep, that's the first amendment to the Constitution...word for word.

    Actually, the accepted Reader's Digest version goes something like this: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Don't quote me on all of that, word for word...but that's really pretty much the first amendment.

    And it's hard to 'punch someone in the face or whatever' when they are hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. That's my point and that's why some people say what they say. Chicken sh1ts.

  9. Amen brother!!

    Dude i dont know how i turned my hood thread into a first amendment thread, but i like it! :nice:
    Never said i was censoring anyone, people told me not to be a dick, well if people want to be a dick to me ill be a dick right back, like i said before, you can say you hate it thats perfectly fine i honestly dont care, just imo you can do it in a nicer way, but if your going to be a dick when you say it, just be ready to expect a dick response back.... Fair enough???


    Just about the same point i was trying to make! haha
  10. Mang I love it, the bigger the better. Unless ur a 60 yr old grandma u shouldnt have any issues seeing over that hood for safety reasons like some others posted.
  11. Or if you like getting beat in a stock car by factory 4 door sedans:shrug:
  12. harsh
  13. :rolleyes:
  14. Yeah, chicks drive them. But most of the women that see my car want to ride in it. It's a HUGE babe magnet.

    ...and I'll still blow your doors off while driving away with your woman... :rlaugh:
  15. burn
  16. And you all call me a dick?? See how easy it is to turn into a dick yourself when someone makes a comment about your car that you dont like??
    Point proven......

    Ok ill admit my vert comment was a little uncalled for. But for the record i never said verts were slow!
  17. Absolutely - I'm with ya bro! :nice:
  18. This thread.......

    ......it's like a fine wine.

    Only getting better with time.

  19. That was pretty good :nice:
  20. Meh, I don't like cowl hoods. I'm much more into subtle mods on cars unless it's necessary to contain a monster engine. Take 98Cobra281's car for example. He has a cowl hood because he needed the extra space from the eddy intake, intake spacer, and large inlet. He also has 15" drag wheels w/ drag radials and his entire goal is to be the fastest N/A NPI (which he very well may have achieved :shrug:). In other words, it seems like his cowl hood serves a purpose.

    OP I'm in no way trying to be a dick here, but I think cowl hoods look stupid. A Cobra R hood or 03-04 Cobra hood would have looked money with your front bumper choice. That hood is false advertisement... kinda like a "Supercharged" badge on a N/A stock Mustang or 5.0 badges on a 4 cylinder fox. To each their own though, and I'm glad you like it and glad it fit well. If I saw your car at a gas station I would have complimented you before the hood install, with a cowl hood though I probably wouldn't even give it a second look.... just sayin :nice: